Sound sensitivity on V2s with firmware upgrade

So are we eligible for a refund on these cameras? I bought them because of sound detection, and now they are rendered useless by the company. This isn’t even programmed obsolescence, this is destroying a product intentionally!

Just noticed that there’s a firmware update available for the V2 to version Has anyone tried this version yet? As a refresher, was the last version that worked without all the sound issues. is the version that introduced the sound issues, and it was the last one available until this popped up.


I installed it and it seems to be working. I had to play with the sensitivity but after that I only get a few events and 90% of them seem to be correct.

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I tried it on one of my V2 cameras and it seems to work but I noticed the time was out after upgrading. I synced it and it was still out 4 minutes. Tried it again and still the same issue. I synced another V2 older firmware camera and it synced to my android phone just fine. It appears that wyze fixed one issue and created another one.


When you you say “the time was out”, can you clarify what you mean? Thanks.

The new firmware is working. I turned sound detection back on and there are no false detections, with sensitivity set to the middle of the range.
Time is accurate, no new issue.

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Sound detection is working as expected on my v.2s in terms of sensitivity and no false detections. However sound detection events are not being saved under the Events tab for the cam where it is enabled. I get the push notification, but if i dismiss it the event is not saved anywhere for later playback.

Additionally, I have another cam sending sound detection push notifications, but that cam has sound detection disabled. So that’s weird.

It seems like I might be the odd one out, but my sound sensitivity is still way too high and I’ve had to totally disable sound notifications. My alarm is still triggered by the door closing 40 meters down the hall, outside of my room, on low sensitivity settings.

What firmware rev are you running?

The latest

Same version I have. I’m still getting more sound events than I used to, but not nearly as many as when I was running that I need to fiddle with the sound sensitivity settings, but it hasn’t been annoying enough for me to make that a priority. My house does make a lot of noise. It’s made of logs, and something is always expanding or contracting. Not really noticeable unless it is really quiet, like when the camera is the only one listening.

All that said, since the last firmware update, I’m not getting notifications for sound from the V2s. This appears to be a known issue. Perhaps when this gets fixed, I’ll be annoyed enough to fiddle with the settings.