Robot vacuum wheels have permanently stained my hardwood floors

I too have stains on my floors. Tile on a rental. Really hope I don’t lose my deposit over this. Yes, I tried wd-40, alcohol and a magic eraser.

I does not really make sense on ceramic as it is supposed to be non-porous.
I suggest you try with Fantastic With Bleach (the blue bottle).
Spray, let it work for about 1 minute and rinse. Usually does wonder, even on your grout that will get back to its original color.

Lighter fluid (naphtha) on paper towel worked for me on ceramic tile.

Unfortunately, it’s one of those cheap porous tiles. Tried naphta as well and it didn’t work.

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Just chiming in to say that my WYZE robot vac also left marks all over my wood floor next to the charging station. My NEATO robot vac never did that, so it’s definitely a problem with the WYZE tires.

Big Wyze Supporter here, I contacted support after I noticed staining on my wood floors and carpet. The agent told me it is perfectly safe to have Wyze robot rest on wood floors. I then asked if there has ever been damage, in which he said no. I honestly thought I was the first one, until I came across this thread. I then tried to write a review to warn others on their site, and they keep deleting my review. THE ARROGANCE of this company to keep selling a product that is causing THOUSANDS of dollars in damages. I just did my floors in January, and beyond livid at how they are treating me. I get that I bought my vacuum as an early backer and there are bound to be hiccups, but my sister who I convinced to recently buy this vacuum is now having the same issue. I am honestly considering filing a class action lawsuit. Who will join?

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But deceiving clients by telling them there has never been an issue before (in my case they lied and put the blame on me), and then keeping an item on the market after documented damage is not grounds for a class action lawsuit?

It might be grounds for a lawsuit, but you’re probably going to have a tough time with it. It sucks when companies don’t own up to their mistakes, but they rarely ever do. A company like WYZE admitting they’re wrong and possibly having to pay for repairs of countless wood floors could easily sink them. So, I’m sure they are just going to turn a blind eye and say nothing is wrong. My advice is to just clean the marks on the wood floor the best you can, and only use the vacuum on carpet, or throw it away. It’s sad, but that’s probably the reality of the situation.

I have been saying this for over a Year (let’s see if the lemmings chime in). allic ’ THE ARROGANCE of this company to keep selling a product that is causing THOUSANDS of dollars in damages." Shame Shame on Wyze for this product.