Picture-in-Picture (PiP) Feature

I am a student and use my iPad for school. I also use it to monitor my 4 month old via Wyze cam. I need PiP so that I can multitask while resting assured that my little one is ok! Please add support for a minimized PiP for iOS 14

My wife and I both use the pan cam as a baby monitor for our phones. With the new Picture in Picture mode added to the new iOS, it would be very helpful to be able to use PiP with Wyze, so we can monitor the baby while still using our phones.

useful feature, added my vote

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this would be SO helpful!! especially with the new PiP feature in iOS14 and for those of us using these awesome cams as baby monitors!!!

1/3 Reconnecting all the time
2/3 to the stream I’m monitoring is
3/3 … my least favorite.

A very big +4 from our household.

PiP for all platforms would be an excellent add. We use the camera as a baby monitor and PiP would allow us to use our phone, tablet, whatever for other things while still monitoring the camera.