Picture-in-Picture (PiP) Feature

I am a student and use my iPad for school. I also use it to monitor my 4 month old via Wyze cam. I need PiP so that I can multitask while resting assured that my little one is ok! Please add support for a minimized PiP for iOS 14

My wife and I both use the pan cam as a baby monitor for our phones. With the new Picture in Picture mode added to the new iOS, it would be very helpful to be able to use PiP with Wyze, so we can monitor the baby while still using our phones.

useful feature, added my vote

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this would be SO helpful!! especially with the new PiP feature in iOS14 and for those of us using these awesome cams as baby monitors!!!

1/3 Reconnecting all the time
2/3 to the stream I’m monitoring is
3/3 … my least favorite.

A very big +4 from our household.

PiP for all platforms would be an excellent add. We use the camera as a baby monitor and PiP would allow us to use our phone, tablet, whatever for other things while still monitoring the camera.

Agreed! Same here and this would be very helpful!

We’ve been using the Wyze Cam as a baby monitor and the ability to view the camera and have the audio while doing other things would be awesome during the day while she’s napping.

Really hoping that Wyze team can add this to the iOS app simply. Seems like it’s pretty based on Apple’s documentation:

IOS app on iPad. Would be great if the feed window could be minimized like you can do in many other apps so I can do other things while I’m watching for my dog to start chewing the sofa

If CNN other video apps can “float” streaming video on top of the iPhone / iPad iOS … WYZE should also.

It blows my mind that this hasn’t been implemented yet. For one, PiP is a core feature of mobile operating systems so it can’t be hard to add (the mobile SDKs do all the hard work!). For two, it’s insanely useful for anyone actively monitoring with a Wyze cam on a tablet. I want to read, browse, shop, and watch shows while keeping an eye on my kid. As it is now I need two devices to do that.

Wyze has released so many cool products over the past year but they can’t deliver this one killer, super high value feature?! PLEASE add PiP to the Wyze app!! I’ve literally been waiting years…

New user here and just bought the Wyze v3. I agree with all comments here. How is this not already a feature? It would be nice to be able to “minimize” the cam view and have it visible but allow for me to do other things such as browse the web, open other apps, etc. This is a request for both iOS and Android.