Picture-in-Picture (PiP) Feature




I’m not sure if it’s on the road map yet, but if not I think think PiP would be very useful in the IOS app. This would allow for the app to be ran in the background and video in a smaller box, similar to Netflix IOS PiP feature.


PiP = Picture-in-Picture, also called Persistent Background Video in the iOS lingo. [added to help folks find this topic in searches]


It would be exceedingly useful, esp. given the extra real estate. iPad owners could get other work done on their devices while at the same time monitoring the baby crib, etc. PiP has been brought up previously here in the forum(s), but not as a separate Roadmap request.


Thanks buddy! I thought PiP was far to simple of a naming convention for apple! LOL


Since android Oreo (2017), android has supported PiP on phones and tablets. This would be a great addition for the Wyze App on android. I use this ability in various apps (Netflix, YouTube, Google Maps, video calls, etc.) so that I can use another app while still keeping an eye on the video feed.


Really would love to be able to see a PIP feature when using my iPad Pro 2018 just recently purchased 3 Wyze cams and I am a heavy iPad user think it would be a killer feature