Pepe' Le Pew & Friends

I will have to put my raccoon cam on the fence in the back, it’s a squirrel freeway.

That Buck will be on Dancing with the Stars next week :rofl:

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I think Mr. F’ing squirrel accomplished his mission, all 3 V3’s on that feed are now down.

So little forker must of shorted out that feed and blew fuse or someone swiped 3 V3 cameras which I doubt as I got no perimeter incursion detection.

Won’t know until I get back home, all 3 cams are now offline code 90

Tried remote power resets with no luck…

I may have a squirrel sandwich for you @Antonius


Evening EDIT:
Got home and all cameras were there, fuses were not blown, but no power at first camera in a wire feed of 3.

So I know there must be an open conductor between main junction and first camera.

Something must of chewed the buried wire, will have to put a “Tone Generator” on it and probe the dirt until I don’t here the tone, then dig up the cable to find break. :poop:

Won’t be tomorrow will be busy with family :turkey: :shallow_pan_of_food: :beer:

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:rofl: Squirrel!

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Your furry friend :upside_down_face:


Adding some color.

Dog, Wolf or Coyote ???

All 3 cameras back up, located chewed wire and repaired then sealed connection.
Left some D-Con treats around reburied cable that was repaired, bona-petite wire eater :exclamation:

I think DOG.

Kind of a “pounce-ish” walk scampering on the edge of your wall. Maybe a feline?

The tail curve said coyote to me.

This could be big!

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If viewed on a PC and speed is at half playback speed the facial structure appears canine to me.

@Customer Coyote may be the best guess