Landscape View For Tablets

Why is this still not a thing? At least for the video doorbell…Just shrink it down and rotate the view.

I don’t think they are turning out hardware at all. I think they are having their brand attached to already produced products from China, then adapting their software to operate it.

Change the app already!!!

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I use my iPad everyday, and it reminds me everyday of this NUMBER ONE frustration I experience EVERY time I go to check my camera’s, or make modifications to settings. Now that I’m delving into setting up Rules in the App, I’m discovering that the iPhone or an Android Phone is NOT the best place to do so. If I could create rules and/or edit them on my iPad in LANDSCAPE MODE with the attached keyboard, it would be a lot more convenient.

On a side note, I’ve submitted a Wish List item that the Web View that that Wyze has implemented, should actually be a Wyze Web View that is EQUAL to the functionality of what we can do in the Wyze App.

There are MANY Improvements that need to be implemented in the Wyze App, and what a better time to CREATE a new Wyze App that takes care of the many issues with the App and at the same time create a Web interface to that same functionality.


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Have you considered (at least temporarily) switching to an Android tablet and using TinyCam?

Temporarily? I think 3 years is way past temporary and why should we need to use another device and app to see our cameras.

Because it might make SJ a happier person? Sometimes compromises are beneficial.

But agreed, you shouldn’t have to.

Hello Customer, thanks for the reply, Actually, I was ‘anti apple’ products from the time I got my first ‘smart phone (AT&T Tilt a Windows Phone)… up until the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. My last Android Tablet was an ASUS Transformer TF-101 with the attached keyboard…. It was an ‘ok’ device… but have no desire to head back to the Android Platform.

I’m ‘invested’ in this iPad Pro 12.9” (3rd Gen) with the Logi Slim Folio Pro keyboard, (and an iPhone 12 Pro Max) that I prefer to stay with Apple platform from here forward :slight_smile:

That said, I’ve installed Tiny Cam Pro on my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and an Nvidia Shield in the past, and stepped away from it as I wasn’t impressed. Perhaps I should go take a look at again.

I installed Blue Iris, and can serve up My V3’s that are running the RTSP firmware, but that leaves out my two Pan Cam V3’s, my eight WCO’s and my Video Doorbell. …

IF Wyze could simply provide the temp fix of rotating the existing iPhone app on an iPad, It would appease me until they fully rewrite the Wyze App got play properly on the iPad in Landscape….

How many more years will elapse before that they finally take this issue head on and put it to rest, rather than allow this issue to continue to fester. As long as I’m a paying Wyze Customer, I’ll keep this issue alive.



Sure, supporting landscape mode is a PITA. But not supporting it means using the Wyze app as a security cam summary doesn’t work for home automation installs.


Fwiw … this is what Wemo has done with their app (iOS in my case). I own one of their smart dimmers and a couple of their smart plugs (not currently installed). Ref. sample screenshot below (Wemo top-level menu appears centered on my iPad screen). Their work on the app to fully support Landscape orientation is incomplete, but just being able to launch the app while physically holding the iPad normally (left to right), without having to rotate the screen (or my head) 90° is nice, and feels natural. I believe this is what @nixhome2020 is asking for in the above quote. Let’s call this “Phase 1” of app redevelopment to support Landscape orientation. I believe that most, if not all, of the disgruntled tablet owners in this thread would be overjoyed if Wyze would provide this in the near future. @WyzeGwendolyn - might this be considered there at Wyze? And might you provide an update for those of us here in the forum/thread who’ve been waiting (mostly) patiently for app-wide Landscape support to be introduced? Thanks.

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Yes please. It’s quite annoying.

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Perhaps Wyze can have this stamped with the Wyze Logo… and offer it as an accessory… won’t help for my keyboard attached iPad Pro though… :frowning:


Wyze tablet view

I was using an App called Rotation Control Pro on my Samsung S6 Lite which allowed me to lock an App to a screen direction.
When I set the Wyze App to Automatic in the Rotation Control Pro App, Wyze would work correctly however I had the tablet rotated. If set to Landscape lock it would work in Landscape mode even if the tablet was in the portrait position.

Some while ago the Wyze App display changed on my Samsung S6 Lite tablet. Instead of a full wide screen view in landscape tablet mode I now get a narrow centered main opening screen as discussed in this thread.
Previously the App worked fine and the same in tablet landscape or portrait view.
I have since upgraded to a Samsung S7 FE and it has the same problem.

When the tablet is in Landscape position, tapping on a camera it does go to a full wide screen view. Backing out of this camera seems to reset the App then go back to the narrow main screen, not just go back to the main screen.
Tapping on the Events icon goes to the Event screen still in narrow view, but tapping on an camera event causes the App to reset back to the Narrow main screen.
When the tablet is rotated to the portrait position the App works as it should.

I thought it was an Android/Samsung problem but I guess not. Very awkward to have to rotate the tablet to use the Wyze App.
Hope they will fix this issue.


What version of Android and One UI are you running?

Please post a screenshot of tablet’s Settings > About tablet > Software information

@Jason21271 any updates on this wishlist item?

Has Wyze abandoned all hope of a fully compliant iPadOS app? (and fully compliant Android Tablet app?)

The Wyze App is the ‘Face of Wyze’ for interacting with your products.

It is that first impression when you first “Meet someone”.

It’s not been a good first impression for those of us that use iPads (and Android Tablets) exclusively in Landscape mode (usually with an attached Keyboard)

I enjoy most of my Wyze products, they are not perfect, but for the price, they work well for how I use them. I’ve seen Wyze respond to and resolve issues when needed, but for the life of me don’t understand why this issue has been put on ignore.

I am trying to understand why, over Four Years of not addressing the issue, that we still have a Wyze App on our iPads (and Android Tablets) that does not function properly in Landscape mode.

Thank you for your time, I look forward to hearing back from you.



chief product officer Dongsheng Song

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@nixhome2020 I admire your persistence and politeness on this.

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Abandoned would suggest they intended to implement this feature. Its obvious they never even tried or care. My suggestion- move on. I bought some Eufy cams.

And on Song - I sent him a msg in Linkedin back in the Summer. No response. So clearly he does not care.

The best is Wyze gets bought, and if they go BK - well no love lost here.

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I used to check cameras daily and delete clips to help save space on their AWS. I don’t any more. All my cameras have full view recording. They don’t care about little ol’ me, I’ll reciprocate. And I stopped buying wyze 2 years ago.