Landscape View For Tablets

I agree. Even if the app can’t be designed for landscape, at least make it obey the ipad orientation when you put the live view in full screen. This is the only app that I use that doesn’t do that.

I use an ipad which is in landscape. The wyze home page and camera viewing are not - that is super annoying!!!

Wyze is refusing to do anything about it. I recommend you buy from another manufacturer that supports landscape.

Get rid of Apple products and go with Android!

Luckily only have the bundle package with the one out door cam.
Not having viewing in Ipad landscape mode makes no sense to. Does not Apple sell a ton of these?

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Hmmm let me see, downgrade quality, speed and reliability for what exactly???

I am voting with my wallet. I am not buying any more Wyze products until they fix the this issue. I was going to get more bulbs and smart switches, but will go with another manufacturer instead.

Wyze team, if you are following this thread, please respond.

Unfortunately, many of us are already heavily invested in the Wyze platform - since the only way to interact with the devices is with the single app (no web interface) we are at the company’s mercy. Clearly there’s a demand for this to be fixed. I guess they’re too busy with locks and robot vacs and hand vacs… :wink:

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It’s obvious Wyze will not be around much longer, you’re better off just biting the bullet and starting over with different cameras.

Tablets are great camera monitors! I use a couple of iPads in landscape orientation on a countertop. Unfortunately, the Wyze app uses only portrait orientation. When displaying camera video, tilting the iPad will make it go into landscape mode but this has to be done every time I select a camera. And the doorbell camera does not rotate. Enhancement requests:

  1. Please make the app work correctly in landscape mode on iPads.

  2. Please enable image rotation for the doorbell camera.

  3. It would be great to provide a quad camera display on an iPad. Select up to four cameras and then continuously sequence between them, maybe 10…15 seconds on each one. Tap a camera image to enable its stream. Stretch gesture goes to go full screen and pinch returns to quad view. Not as good as a real-time multi-view display but still pretty useful and only requires one stream at a time.

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Excellent post. I’ve thot about #3.

WYZE too busy releasing a new product every month.