Introducing Wyze Buds Pro - 5/11/21

If the Pros are in-stock, why are they listed for pre-order?

Other releases have had preorder unit limits (ex:5000/10000 units).

Other preorder windows, once closed, had/have a significant lead time before the product could be ordered. (Ex: V3 - 6+months)

Do you anticipate the Pros to still be available for ‘preorder’ (or order) in June once the Buds are released?

Will these automatically pair with an iphone when taking them out of the case or will you have to manually pair them every time you want to use them for an iphone? Please let me know. Thanks.

soon after it ships

What do you mean soon after it ships. You mean it won’t pair automatically when they arrive. This would be an update needed? Is that what your saying?

Wyze, thanks for releasing yet another product that won’t get proper customer support. How about fixing the software in your current products before making new ones! All my V2 cameras still have the pink flash issue that initiates a recorded event and I can’t go back to a software version that works. I also lost one day of my free 14 day CamPlus trial with one of my V3 cameras, as the recorded videos wouldn’t go past 12 seconds yet I could adjust the video forward speed and it was configured correctly. Then out of the blue today the recording are going past 12 seconds. The AI still can’t seem to recognize people, pets or vehicles correctly. Focus on fixing your software!!!

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Appreciate your pros/cons on Buds. Do you have opinion on comfort of this design? Without the dangling portion, other ear buds have to cram it all into your ear and I find that to be a hard long term wear (multiple hours). My Jabra 65 does pretty good but I’ve been looking for better. The Jabra 75 was a fail for my ears though it was advertised as smaller and lighter. Just couldn’t get a good fit on that. I’ve had Echo Buds for a week or so and the fit works with the full sleeve to help hold it in place. Might be a bit more comfortable than the Jabra 65s for me. But I’m thinking the dangling portion on Wyze buds will avoid putting too much into my ear and will also stabilize them so they are not loose. I will miss all the various touch/button controls on the Jabra though.
Thx for any insights.

Thanks, of course, as I said above, I was only speaking about the different style of earbuds in general terms, as I’ve had lots of buds, some with and some without the bar…or when I compared the Echo Buds and Wyze Buds I was just using the stats from the official product description pages of the 2 products.

How comfortable these are will probably depend on a lot of factors, including personal preference. Though we can see on the product page that they include 3 sizes of tips to help fit different ears better.


So I’m sure that will help most people find a size for them.

Honestly, if comfort is your biggest concern, and since nobody can yet tell you how comfortable they are because these won’t ship for another 2 months, you could always order them anyway, and if it turns out to not feel comfortable to you, Wyze allows you to return them within 30 days for your money back. Or alternatively, you can wait until Wyze gives a pair to popular testers like CNET or whatever and wait until they review them for everyone or provide real comparisons from their use compared to other models. Right now we can only look at the released stats on the product page.

Wish I could be of more help.


I use an iPhone and a Mac. To pair them initially, I have to push the button on the side of the case to put them into discovery mode so I can initially pair them. After that, it is simply a ‘disconnect’ from one (the iPhone, for instance), and a ‘connect’ to the other (the Mac in this case).

So yes, they will automatically pair with any 1 device every time, and require the above for any 2 or more devices.

Interesting question. Buds novice here, but I wonder if comfort isn’t tied to an extended time with any vendor’s buds isn’t related to them being in noise cancelling mode? Even if in a quiet environment, pressures are being applied to your ear cancel out all ambient noises?

Is there going to be a volume limiting feature? I would like to have this as an option if my kids were looking at using them.

I was thinking more about the fit comfort but your thought on noise cancellation pressures is an interesting one. Though these and some others have tiny vent(s) now to help resolve air pressure issues I think. Something else to spend time on the net researching!
My most comfortable basic earphones are wired google pixel usb-c earbuds with the adjustable wire loop that acts as a stabilizer. Nothing really to stuff into your ear. No noise reduction so awful in a busy location but comfortable for long wear in a quiet location.

My ‘pressure’ thought was just audio pressure, or your ears constantly processing audio that you can’t actually hear because it is cancelation audio.

I have yet to find a pair of ear buds that will stay in/on my ears, unless they have an over the ear hook.

I had that problem also and for me, these Anker buds have been the best for staying in place. They have a sort of tab that anchors to the folds in your ear and comes with different sizes. Not saying it would work for everyone, but worked well for me. Upgraded, Anker Soundcore Liberty Neo True Wireless Earbuds, Pumping Bass, IPX7 Waterproof, Secure Fit, Bluetooth 5 Headphones, Stereo Calls, Noise Isolation, One Step Pairing, Sports, Work Out

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I have the Anker’s as well.
The nubs don’t work well for me.
Anker even sent me the upgraded version, since I didn’t like them.

Can the buds pro be used as sort of hearing aid type thing to enhance hearing a bit?

There is a “Transparency Mode” that does amplify the surrounding environment in instances where you have a safety concern about the noise cancelling mode. I’d rate it as enhancing hearing a bit.

Any word on the price differential between the Pro and non-ANC Wyze Buds? I own the Wyze Headphones with ANC so while I’m interested in purchasing a pair of the buds as well, I don’t particularly need them to be ANC. However, if the price differential is negligible, I may as well pull the trigger on a pair of the Pro model.

No word yet but the non pro version is supposed to be released this month.

I have pre-ordered quite a few items and what has become very annoying is how far off Wyze is on the actual ship date. There is always some lame excuse for being months behind. Any bet these pre-orders dont actually ship until Sept/Oct???