Installing WYZE Cam outside - one approach

how about when the IR lights are on do you get glare from the dome?

Alternatively you could run all the power with heavier gauge wire and adapters at either end with DC. It could be easily hacked as you are only dealing with 5 volts, so hack some short USB cables and extend the two 5 VDC conductors (look up on it the interwebs) with some simple 16 guage lamp cord (zipcord) as long as needed - but there is a length limit so don’t get too carried away! That way you are plugging in the power supply somewhere close and only running wire that is carrying 5 volts. Would you need a permit for running a 5vdc wire? It’s certainly easier…

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Hello Randyabel and @Bam
I have and even easier way to get power to a camera further than 6’ away. I have done this for several neighbors, I buy and a 110v electrical extension cord the length I need to get to the end of 6’ WYZE cord with its adaptor. The factory-made extension cord has a male and female plug ready to go. It may need to be supported with partially driven nails or wire clips along a wall to keep it from pulling on its input and output plugs. In an attic or a garage it usually doesn’t need to be too pretty.
Victor Maletic.

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I have had three ways can mounted outside for a year and a half now without any extra production except the eaves of the house. It is still working fine. The temperature is -32 Celsius today.

  1. $17 White/Black Outdoor Oval Bulkhead Wall Light
    It’s metal, so Wyze cam just sticks to the side of the lamp.

  2. $45 for 3 pack Nyce Power LampCharger Light Bulb Socket Adapter

  3. $5 E26 Base Refrigerator LED Light Bulb


Take it one step further and install a smart bulb (Wyze or Hue) and you don’t have to leave the light on all the time.

Wyze bulb will not fit with this USB Light Bulb Socket Adapter :slightly_smiling_face:
This is the reason you’d need E26 Base Refrigerator bulb. I’m OK running 5 watts bulb, 24/7

How much increase in range did you get from the external antenna?

We have here in our office a clear lock box that goes over our thermostat control that mounts onto the wall with a key lock. I am thinking that would work perfect as well. They come in all sorts of sizes…



I have 4 Wyze cam v2 all installed outdoors using the cases from Amazon with absolutely NO ISSUES! I live in the Pacific Northwest and our weather is to say the least extreme! Blown away! Have been a user since day 1 and have nothing but praise!


That box will block the motion sensor, also that box for thermostat have holes and the rain will still leak through, is not intended for outdoors.
Just google the outdoors covers or go to amazon, they are very effective, I have mines for months on three outdoor cameras.

I agree with the rain, but there is no motion sensor in the camera at all. Also, any clear box will eliminate the use of the camera’s onboard night time IR LEDs. You can get around that by using a separate external IR illuminator.


If they had one there.
The present cams rely on change in pixels for motion detection.

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I used the Amazon camera mount and it worked nice. I added a thin piece of plastic in front of the cam lens to keep any water off of the lens. Seems the camera mount kit should come with it? It’s been working fine since I installed it.

I did the same with a thin plastic screen protector in front and silicone sealant to all seams so it’s fully water tight… only issue with the screen is that it made the ir lights reflect and so I had to disable the ir lights as the glare made the cameras useless at night.

You could always add an external IR illuminator. I use one for mine that was something like $14 on Amazon and it throws a ton more IR light than the camera ever did anyway. It lights the area up much better and I can see much further at night.

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What exactly is the benefit of this? Some context would help.

It helps prevent reflection from the camera lights when you are using a camera through glass.

Can’t you just turn off the lights?

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Pack of 12 - Glass Round 12 Oz Jars with Gold Lids $20.99 Prime

Dimensions: 5.4" Height 2.7" Diameter

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