Installing WYZE Cam outside - one approach

I found a set of 3 outdoor cases, got the 25 foot micro usb cable, and mounted them outside. I caulked the seals and the back hole around the usb cable and it’s worked great for about 6 months so far.

Such an inconspicuous disguise…:rofl::joy::joy::joy::joy::rofl::rofl:

Using an Arlo wallmount, base was modded to screw to the base


Brilliant weather-proofing!

lost like 2 of the ‘covers’ during some wind storms…the new bow tie is the current mod :grin:

Luckily you can get about 200 spare “covers” for $15 :rofl:

Is it just me, or does “he” bare a striking resemblance to Tom Servo?

All the electronics are in for my project hummingbird cam. Just need a decent housing to put the cam and battery in.

How the heck are you going to get a hummingbird to fly with all that stuff?? :rofl:

Who said anything about one hummingbird, professor?

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I don’t know if anyone else got that, but yes he does lol

Thanks for getting it!
I’m not THAT old, do you think there are that few MST3K fans remaining? If so, it’s a sad day.

I know when I bring it um everyone seems to not know what I am talking about, and yes it is a very sad day

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we are entering an argument similar to monty python and the holy grail dealing with coconuts lol

That’s a good idea, hiding a V2 in a coconut!

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Which variety? The green or the Red/Orange. Guam has seven different types we should also look into, you know, for science.

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I had one of those cases, black, and it only lasted about 6 months. It was in a patio area.

Finally installed my Wyze outside. I used a socket adapter. Very cool.


Looking good. Just need to find a USB cable that matches your siding…

Do you think that’s possible?

Paint it, i did