Have Wyze Doorbell Use Existing Chime

I’m saying that a doorbell being able to use an existing chime is a base expectation that was ignored here.

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Yet, for most of us, it was an obvious feature of a doorbell switch. The camera and other stuff used to be implemented on top of an existing object, without eliminating its original utility.
IMHO, that would make no sense for someone to make a smartwatch that doesn’t show the time, or a smartphone that doesn’t make calls, or yet, an electric car that doesn’t have something like an autoradio/car stereo or air conditioning options.

This is a feature that is just not expected to be missing, and hard to anticipate.

See the whole thread. I agree

First of all, it’s a “brake” lever not a “break” lever. Second, most of us want to use our old mechanical chime. I’m one of them. They’re reliable and mine is much louder than the Wyze chime.

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I was excited to discover the WYZE video doorbell at Home Depot. When I got it home and discovered that the existing chime would be disabled I took it back to Home Depot. I like WYZE products but want the capability to continue to use the existing chimes along with the camera and notification features. Fix that and I will go for it.

Were you able to get it working? I certainly hope you are able to do so. I plan to do some testing as well. I would prefer to use my existing doorbell chimes and then use their chime in another room of the house. If I have any success I will share it here.

That’s exactly what I had in mind. After some research I discovered that it does not support your existing door chimes. I also discovered that there are lots of people that want that feature as well. Possibly they will redesign it to work that way. I like the Wyze products but it didn’t support existing chimes, so returned it👎

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I bought the Doorbell a week or so ago when it came back in stock. I just installed it. I’m not really impressed. The fact that the original doorbell doesn’t work is really frustrating. And it’s so easy to do, just close the contact for a moment…?!

Also the communication is ridiculously laggy, I have a Wyze v3 by the door, and it’s instant. My router is maybe 20 feet away from both cameras.

Lastly, it seems much blurrier than all the other v2 and v3’s I have. Is that normal? (I did remove the plastic cover.)

Returning mine after finding out it wont work with my current chime. I have two doors that have doorbells if I install this one of my doorbells wont work. This is just a sad lack of foresight. I agree with all the comments here in what world does it make sense to REQUIRE a wired doorbell but not be able to use the current chime. I might be able to understand why it wont work with a mechanical chime ( even though ring and skybell both already work with a preexisting chime) but for the life of me I cannot figure out why it would not work with an electronic chime. Could have had a real winner here.

It seems as though I lost the short fused wire connector that came with the unit. Does anyone know how important that is or is it possible for me to just install a compatible jumper wire in my old chime box?

It would hardly be difficult to design the circuit with the contacts for the “Wyze” internal chime in which it triggered one chime, Say the one in the door unit, but also triggered a 555 timer circuit that after the predetermined time, say 1 second, it would trigger by way of a transistor switch, the preexisting indoor chime. As that would be a separate function you could have both the old chime and the new Wyze chime that you could locate wherever. It ain’t Rocket Science folks at Wyze and would add only pennies to the price, ok maybe a quarter!!

I found the fused jumper wire and installed it but still not getting the chime to ring. Any thoughts?

I was planning to get this thing apart and propose a solution for the community. But I didn’t see enough interest/comments from the community so I didn’t prioritize it.
Please let me know what you think, and if you believe it worth the effort.


I think its worth the effort. I know I would be interested.