Have Wyze Doorbell Use Existing Chime

You gotta love the fanboy enthusiasm tho.

I just got my doorbell and was surprised that it is wired but doesn’t work with the existing chime. Hoped to replace a Ring doorbell that does that and can also work without wires. I think Wyze missed the point. I will be returning it.

Why would you order a door bell that clearly stated it was wired and didn’t use the chime? They even released the videos of how to bypass chime as part of the announcement.

I saw the wired doorbell and it was from Wyze so it had to be good. I didn’t see anything about the existing chime being disconnected and didn’t see any videos, just the email about it. Just expected a better product from Wyze.

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It’s called wired because it’s wired into the electrical system, and is not battery powered.

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I wish I had been reading these comments before trying to install it. Waited months and was hoping for something good. Will be returning it,

Also, my ZModo wired doorbell I use on my front door works with the existing chime. The only thing they had to do was send me a resister to wire in similar to the “fuse” thing Wyze uses which stopped the bell from constantly emitting a low buzzing.

I am also disappointed !!!