Greater Control Over Detection Zone Shape

I only have this available on 1 over 3 v2 I have. Firmware say all up to date but the y don’t have the same firmware.

It appears that when a motion event is triggered the whole frame of evaluated for AI events.

In the example photo if something in the detection zone triggers an event the AI notifies that a vehicle was detected even though the vehicle was not in a detection zone.

Suggest that AI detection is only applied to active detection zone. This would allow a user to mark an area they dont want processed such as the one in my case that has a parked car in it most of the time.

So what was the movement that triggered the camera?

Today a person walked through the detection zone. But, I’ve also had it trigger because of shadows from the trees in the detection zone. The car hasnt moved in days.

The motion detection on the v3 is horrid, either everything triggers it or nothing does. I ended up having it continuously record to a chip and leverage my Blink cameras notify me of actual motion, then I check the saved video on the Wyze cams.
The motion detection used to be great on the v2’s but after firmware updates it is no longer accurate at all, with the v3 even worse. The only reason I am still using the v3’s is their great color night vision.

Wyze please fix your basic (non-subscription) motion detection. Please please pretty please.

I’m very disappointed to read this because I recently ordered a number of v3 cams to replace my v2 cams. Without motion detection that works the v3 cameras will be useless.

Mine does the same thing. I would much prefer that it only tells me about objects that are moving rather than all still objects that match their AI profile. Hopefully they’ll add that as an option for us at some point.

@WyzeGwendolyn is this feature planned for the Wyze Cam v3? I don’t see a grid in detection settings for v3.

My photos are from a V3 camera. The grid detection zone is in beta right now.

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