Free month of cam plus

So I just bought 4 v3 cams with a free month of cam plus but how the heck do I use the free month there is no information anywhere how to get the free month .

I have the same question!

Hopefully somone will come along and let us both know !

@partieplayin and @rhousen , where did you purchase the v3? Through the Wyze website? If so, here is some info I found from the v3 product page, and on the support pages for you:

Or from the v3 page in the shop.

Do these clear it up for ya?

Thanks for the reply, yes I bought directly from the Wyze website, but the free subscription was for 14 days instead of a month. When I tried to subscribe using the emailed link from Wyze, it was for the annual plan and required immediate payment.

If you go into Account → Services, do you see an available subscription license? The 14 days license is a thing for all new camera installs.

Yes I do, thanks for the help and patience. Have a wonderful weekend!

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