Failed to update device list 1001 error

iPhone app won’t recognize any devices. Won’t add new ones. Updated iOS, app. Deleted app and reinstalled twice. iPad app working fine.

Any suggestions for a fix?

Try turning Private Address off on your iPhone, this has been a fix for these types of issues.

Go to iOS Settings on your phone > Wi-Fi > tap ios13-info-icon to the right of your Wi-Fi network’s SSID > toggle “Private Address” off

Also, make sure your Wyze app is updated by searching for it in the App Store and selecting “update” of needed.

Thanks. That didn’t work but it gave me the idea to turn my VPN off. That did the trick.

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Good to know! It seems that any private networks on your device will cause issues with the Wyze app and device function on the app.

I have an android, VPN already off - what’s the fix?