Doorbell chime/WCO siren/Wyze cam v3 siren integration with HMS

More integration of Wyze Cameras with Home Monitoring

The Wyze Cams all have speakers and those that are connected to our Monitoring system should be able to sound sirens when an alarm is triggered. The siren on the Home Sense Hub is not very loud; and a while ago, I set off the alarm without knowing I did until Noonlight called me. If the cameras were also blaring their sirens, then intruders would definitely be uncomfortable with more distributed noise, owners would definitely be aware they had triggered an alarm and if a camera were outside, neighbors would be alerted to the intrusion as well.


We bought a Hub for use as a home security system. We put sensors at all the doors and windows of our 2-story house. If you’re on the main level, you can clearly hear the Hub announce when a door or window is opened. Can Wyze please make a “satellite” annunciator for people with bigger homes to announce actions when your’e upstairs or downstairs from where the Hub is located? Something similar to the Video Doorbell Pro chime that plugs into an outlet would be ideal.

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An external siren/chime is in the “in-development” phase. Hopefully this will do what you need when it’s released.

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As long as the volume is adjustable as well as the tone/chime, it should do the trick. We just want to know if someone opened the door, not blast our eardrums.