Doorbell chime/WCO siren/Wyze cam v3 siren integration with HMS

I’ve had a false alarm with my hms. Something triggered my motion detector in the basement.i work nights and didn’t realize I got a call checking the status of the alarm. My fiance was sleeping up stairs and the hub is downstairs. With the hub on high volume,she never heard the alarm or even the cop knocking on the door. U guys have a speaker that plugs into the wall for the doorbell. It would greatly improve ur hms to reconfigure that speaker to speak to the hub to go off when the hms is triggered.other wise when people r sleeping and the hub is in another room, chances r they won’t hear it, fyi my fiance is a very light sleeper and if she couldnt hear it,I definitely wont

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There’s also a wishlist item for a separate siren here. I think the doorbell chime integration would be nice though.


How about the Doorbell chime. Should be able to link that to any wyze device


I own the Doorbells with chimes and V3 cameras, not sure if this was mentioned before, but at the very least I would like to have the option to sound off those devices when the Alarm is activated or a sensor changes state…


Also…please embed the chime into the keypad. I have a keypad in my bedroom…would be great to hear if a sensor is triggered from there. While we’re on the chime…let’s give the ability to change to a different chime as well…similar to the doorbell chime as mentioned.


If the Home Monitoring System could activate the alarm siren in the Wyze Cam (v3) and the Doorbell Chime, that would be a useful function. The speaker built-in to the hub is not loud enough and having extra sirens in remote locations would be a benefit.



Also…please enable the ability to Arm with Alexa. I finally switched out my Ring Alarm tonight with my Wyze…which has been in the box for 3 months. I finally switched because the chime is activated in my beta app. Its not perfect…but it’s working okay. I really wish my keypads would replicate the sounds sent to the hub base.

The next thing I need is the Alexa integration. This may seem not so important…but I have had a routine in the Alexa app that will shut off my lights in the bedroom and Arm my Ring Alarm by saying Alexa, Goodnight. I can’t seem to get Alexa to arm my Wyze system yet.

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How did you get the door chime to work? Mine is setup for beta but I can’t find the option.


I’m using Wyze Beta 2.22.16

From the Main screen in the app, click the center button at the bottom for Monitoring. Once there, scroll down to Home Monitoring Settings. Next…Tune Settings. By default, each sensor is Off. Turn on the ones you want to hear from. I only hear through the hub, but better than nothing. Hoping we’ll get more “Tunes” to choose from, and maybe hear them through the keypads and Doorbell chime as well. Good luck!

Thanks for the reply, I am using app ver 2.22.21. When I open " Home Monitoring Settings" I don’t have an option for Tune Settings. Maybe it’s not rolled out to me or they pulled it back. Thanks again, I’ll keep an eye out for this.

I agree 100%. This should be easy fix (update)

I would like to see the V3 be integrated into the home monitoring and be used similar to the motion detector as an input to alarm creation.

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Multiple sirens (like being able to use the Cam v3 sirens) is very much needed. Any news on this?


Likely Wyze won’t do until a manufacturer does for them. Wyze would rather scrap the bottom of the new customer barrel by adding more new products than harden and increase quality of their current products.

Your best bet is to add a wyze power plug that would be activated by alarm tripped (by rules???) and buy a real home alarm siren that goes off when powered up. The power would be activated by wyze plug.

I have skipped buying any of their door locks or alarms as they are more of a gimmick product AND not a robust real home alarm solution.

I don’t see a way to have the Home Monitoring alarm trigger a rule. Is that possible?

What if your camera(s) siren feature could be activated by the home monitoring, to add to the noise from the hub. In a larger home, the hub can easily be unheard, but with cameras already spread through out the house, so will the siren. Exterior camera’s siren could also inform neighbors that something is wrong. Most wired security systems have a siren in the attic for this reason. Allow users to use existing equipment to expand usability and features.


Make any Connected cameras sirens go off when your hub siren goes off


Doorbell chime open sensor

use the doorbell chime to make a sound when a door opens. I pay for monitoring but it would be awesome to hear the chime throughout my house where I have the doorbell chime.

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Also it would be nice if the hub would announce what set off the alarm when in home mode. Just so when you are asleep and the alarm goes off you would have some idea of where the trouble is. Is it your garage or the window in your child’s room.

Can we add a feature to set our door open and close sensors to activate our chimes?

A simple sound would do… not like a door bell sound but maybe a simple chirp for instance.

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