Daylight savings time rules

Got it. We’ll fix it as soon as possible.

Hey @WyzeQi

Both the Rules and Cam Event Recording were time restricted (separately) to run between 11:03p-5:55a.

The Rules still run during the correct period: 11:03p-5:55a.
The Cam Event Recording Schedule shifted: 12:03a-6:55a.

The Bulbs and Plugs Vacation Mode shifted: 7a-10a & 7p-12a.

The Bulbs and Plugs aren’t on a Schedule other than that.

Also, I had a rule that is set to run one hour before sunset. Since the time change, it now runs two hours before sunset (and I haven’t edited it).

@peepeep I think the vacation mode doesn’t consider Daylight Time Saving. I forwarded this to the Bulb PM and they’ll fix it while I’m not sure about their timeline. If there’s any update, I’ll let you know.

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Hi @Joey_RC @lovemyjeep @joremson @lnafziger we solved this issue yesterday. If you still have problems with your schedules, please let me know.

The reason for this issue is due to too many schedule switches at the same time, the database read and write was limited, and part of the schedule update time failed.

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Manually revised each Cam Event Recording Schedule back to 11:03p-5:55a

Bulbs & Plugs

  • Toggled-off Vacation Mode
  • Power cycled B & P
  • Toggled-on Vacation Mode

All is well.

Interesting. :slight_smile:

I do not have any rules that are messed up, but, my camera will not sync properly.

It is 1 hour off presumably due to daylight savings.

The correct time on my Android device is 1 hour ahead of the time showing on the camera. I have synced the camera’s time multiple times; this will not go away.

This is occuring on several cameras. v1, v2, and v3 cameras. All cameras have up to date firmware.

Are your cams located near a time zone border?