Daylight savings time rules

Rules are messed up again due to daylight saving time. Everything is coming on an hour early on the clock. (Rule set for 4pm but history shows 3pm etc) How do I fix this?

You should sync the timestamp on your camera(s)/device(s) by opening the device settings -> advanced settings -> sync time -> “Sync”. Let me know how it goes.

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My timestap IS synced…That’s what’s frustrating.

Same issue here

Same issue here. Although I don’t seem to have a sync option for our outdoor cam or smart bulbs. Checked the firmware versions and everything is up to date.

I have the same issue. My cameras are synced, showing the correct time, but my scheduled rules turning on and off my light bulbs are an hour early. Can we at least have a daylight savings time button or toggle switch to shift the time forward or back one hour if the app can’t automatically do it? I don’t (more like unwilling and will find a different brand) want to edit my schedules twice a year. I love Wyze but this seems like an easy fix.

I have the same issue. Time is right when recording. One hour off on playback.

Having the exact same issue but with a turn off rule for a plug. Strange that the turn on time is working correctly however. I made a 1 minute adjustment to the turnoff time to see if that corrects the issue. They should add a Sync time for the plugs in a future firmware update if this is in fact the issue.

I am also having an issue with time sync. I don’t understand how it makes sense to sync time to my phone. I am currently traveling and in a different time zone than my house. Is there a way to sync time to the network or manually set the time? All of my schedules are incorrect.