Customizable notifications (Incl: Android Notification Channels)

Rather than waiting for this to be implemented, I have installed a 3rd party Android app that will customize the sound of the notification for every individual device or device type as well as every type of notification (person, vehicle, sensor, automation etc.) Among many many other programmable actions and behaviors.

there are a lot of Android apps out there that claim to do this, but many are buggy/unreliable. Which one did you manage to use with Wyze? thx

Follow the link above. It is explained in detail in that post. I am using MacroDroid and Free Notification Reader together.

I just discovered that I could set this thread to muted, which means I will no longer receive emails whenever anyone posts/replies to it. Since I started using BuzzKill to manage all my Android phone’s notifications (not just Wyze), I no longer care if Wyze comes out with custom notifications.

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Yes! Having multiple cameras with notifications going off for People, pets, packages, and cars means my phone is going off none stop. And the tone for the notifications is the defalt tone for my entire phone. No option to change this!! So I shut off all Wyze notifications. The result of that is 2 days ago someone was snooping around outside my house and even stole a few things while I was home! I had no clue! My dog barked and I even stepped out on my front porch to figure out what she was barking at. He was just around the corner on the side of my house when I did!
This makes my cameras pointless really.
If they would change it so we choose to only get notifications for people this never would have happened!!
And it took emails with 3 different wyze representatives for them to even understand what I was saying. They kept coming back with “sorry your notifications aren’t working.” Asking me to submit error logs, restart cameras and phone etc.

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The ability to turn off notifications for each type of AI is available on select cams. It was being tested previously. I can currently do this on my CamPan V1:

The good news is that this IS coming to the V3 with the next public Firmware update (and hopefully more cams in the future). It is currently available on the latest V3 Beta FW build that was just released for testing on the V3. If you would like to test the beta, you can Sign Up to Become a Beta Tester

Since you are on Android, you do have a couple of options to make it a bit more user friendly until they start developing this feature.

Android does allow you to change the notification tone specific to the App notification channel the notifications are coming in on (For the Wyze App, this is the WyzeMessage channel):

(this is for Android 11, yours may vary slightly depending on your OS version):

  • Android :gear: Settings → Apps & Notifications → See All (#) Apps
  • Scroll down to the Wyze App and select it
  • Select “Notifications”
  • Select “WyzeMessage”
  • Select “Advanced” to expand it
  • Select Sound (should be set to default)
  • Choose the sound from your Root Notifications Folder that you would like to assign as the new tone for all Wyze push notifications.

You can also download any tones you like and assign those.

If you would like to hear a different notification tone for each type of detection (motion, sound, person, pet, package, vehicle, alarm, automation, sensor, etc.); Or if you would also like to hear a different notification tone for each individual cam or device; Or if you would like the text of your Wyze push notifications read out loud by the Google girl in your phone… these can all be accomplished using 3rd party apps. See this post :point_down: for a detailed description of how I am accomplishing this (you can reply over there if you have comments or questions about these).

Thank you! I did get the tone changed. I have v3 cameras. It will be so nice once we will be able to choose which events we want push notifications for.

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Hi, Is there a wish list area? I was thinking it would be nice to have a separate Notification for person notification. This way I could assign a different ringtone. A lot of times, I get so many notifications that say motion Or person I ignore a lot of them. The Person notification is pretty good and reliable. But the ringtone is the same, although the onscreen notification says person I don’t always look at my phone.


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