Crackling Sound



This is my first day of using the Cam, coming from Samsung smart-cam to WYZE. One thing I am noticing is the sound quality when I am watching live video; the stream has a lot of crackling noise, any way to fix it? wish WYZE worked with google assistant or nest… it needs a little more AI.

overall happy.


Got the camera today. Happy with video but crackling sound when viewing on my iphone is really annoying


Totally agree

Had these around 2 months

Initially they were fine and provided good coverage and use for their price

However, in the last few weeks (maybe there was a firmware upgrade) there has been an incredible amount of noise and really bad audio feedback - like screeching cars coming through each of the 3 cameras when I try to view them - so much so, they are now unusable and need to be unplugged

They are currently lying in a drawer - so $75 for 3 cameras which are currently sitting in a drawer hoping for a further firmware update to rectify the issue

This is simply not acceptable and suggests a lack of quality control prior to releasing the latest firmware update - dont they check before release?

I am told to wait on another update, but no timescale as of yet - again, unacceptable as I bought these for home security - they dont do much sitting in a drawer!



I just received the WyzeCam 2 and also getting the crackly sound. The audio is useless because of this.


can someone post an example of the “crackling sound”? Does it sound similar to a helicopter or impact sprinkler?

Is it like the the mp3 attached to


i have the same helicopter noise also.


I ran into this issue for the first time today. It really couldn’t have come at a worse time either. I had a notice from the building manager of the apartment I live in stating they were going to be entering apartments with their lenders today. Perfect time for me to really test out the cameras. I set up all three of mine and had them in really good areas to capture anyone that enters and be able to listen in. When they came, could see everywhere they went, perfectly and clearly, but I could not hear a single word that was said. It was muffled from the crackling sound that is constant while the cameras are operating.

I am wondering has this always been the quality of the sound used for these cameras? Or is this an issue with a current firmware update?


I’m also having the same problem when speaking from my phone to the camera. Sound that comes out of the camera is Crackly, LOUD, and bro ken…sound from the camera to phone is good on the primary camera(connected directly to outlet) but terrible on the daisy chained camera(usb power connected to primary camera).

My crackly sound is like when someone butt dials and its moving around in their pocket that has various other items in that same pocket hitting the microphone then turn up the volume.