Could hear dogs barking through my baby’s cam

Just to be as sure as we can to eliminate the possibility of the barking noise potentially being created through a feedback loop as I think also thought of checking for here:

I know you are saying here that you heard the barking noise from the camera itself here.
Just to try and further eliminate feedback noise as some degree of a possibility here, it might help us with that if we can ask you also:

  • Did your phone happen to be very near the WyzeCam and in an unlocked state?

  • If The answer is yes, it might help us more if you can remember if the Wyze app was actively running in the foreground?

  • If no, then it seems that a feedback loop was Not created between the phone and the camera (when this happens all kinds of crazy strange noises can occur… I have never had that happen with a WyzeCam though personally)

Did I miss something in this thread? Did I misunderstand something about this thread? Was my request to see the video misunderstood? My email notifications say yes to all three of these questions. Wow…

You apparently missed the owner of the video saying they would rather not post a video of their daughter’s room on the Internet.
Is that acceptable?

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Of course. Seems there was a bit of insinuating banter beyond that according to my e mail notifications. Never fails that someone projects their own perversion into a simple request. Thread seems to be cleaned up nicely, tho. Carry on.

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I removed my own comment,… Let’s bring the focus back onto seeing if we can help her further if she wants it.
(Feel free to PM me if you’d like to discuss it)

The OP answered your question.

Saw that. Thanks for the reminder.

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No the phone was not near the camera and not in use.

Could the camera still pick up something from a device in my neighbour’s house for example? We are not really far from each other. Maybe 20 feet… and he has a small dog ! Like what I have heard on the camera. Is that possible?

Is it correct that you were a shared user? The log you sent in is saying that you are not using the primary account for this camera. I want to verify that real quick, @kim.ric. :slightly_smiling_face:

I am the primary account. I shared with my husband which did not opened the app that day since he was working at a place with no wifi.

Interesting… Have you shared it with any other accounts?

Never no!

I set the cameras up. Share with my husband. If it shows I am not the primary account it means someone else has access!? Should i unplug everything?! This is dragging on and I am not feeling safer reading this! Can someone contact me and tell me what is going on? It’s been 9 days… and except for you, no one contacted me?

Thank you for your help again!

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Any kind of response would be great. I am getting paranoid here!

Starting to shop for another system @WyzeGwendolyn

Thank you!

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Wyze support hasn’t gotten back to you at all?
It seems like @WyzeGwendolyn must be talking with them.

No. Nothing!

Just offering my $.02 based on what I’ve read. Take it for what it is worth.

If I were in your shoes, I would do the following:

  1. Remove all WYZE devices from your existing WYZE account and application
  2. Create a brand new WYZE account tied to a completely different email address
  3. Logon to your WYZE app with this new account
  4. Setup all of your devices and rules from scratch
  5. Share your WYZE cams with your husband like you did before

I am only suggesting the above because of what Gwendolyn stated. The fact that your account is not listed as the primary, even though you stated that it should be, is quite concerning IMO. Are you absolutely positive that your husband isn’t the primary and things are shared with you?

I truly hope that WYZE provides additional details soon.
All the best,

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I’m actually bypassing the support people and speaking directly with the folks on the dev team. Sorry for the delays and paranoia! We’re kind of playing a game of telephone here. I’ll see if I can get someone to come in here directly to reduce your wait times.


Hello, I am not going to post it here but I will PM you the two accounts that I see from the database. The account you submitted the log is a shared account and the main account is a different email.

I will PM you those email addresses and you can see if they look like someone’s email you know.


Hi! I did all that but didn’t change my username. I even changed my internet name and password… in case! You think I should start over?

But what is funny now is that after all that wait the users are apparently neither me or my husband! :joy::joy:

I truly am getting anxiety from this but now I am just laughing…