Constant buffering with camera (Google Nest (Home) and Echo (Alexa))

Wyze have shown no sign of caring.

$30 cameras, what can you do. But cheap products, from a cheap company, and get no support.

Your customer service is atrocious Wyze, but at least your price reflects your poor quality and complete apathy.

I suspect Wyze just buys these cameras from Dafang, and use mostly the stock firmware.

I’m still on the earlier firmware version, which seems to be the only workaround (horrible, Wyze…absolutely horrible). We keep on seeing all the new Wyze products making it to the market, yet Wyze doesn’t have a stable and supported platform. Why not actually make a quality and support product first and then expand the variety?

I’m curious if I revert the firmware back to the older version can I keep the cam from subsequently updating itself back to the (newer) bad firmware?

You should be good. When you turn on the cam, it’ll ask you to update, but you can select cancel. The camera won’t update by default.

I believe that Wyze can push updates to your devices without your intervention

Deny the update and click the do not ask again box and it will not update

Hi Gwendolyn! I am having the same issue with my Echo Show. Funny that it is only happening with my new indoor Wyze camera. It doesn’t buffer with any of my other multiple pan camera.
I am eastern time zone
Let me know what information you need from me please. Thank you and happy holidays!

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Displaying a single Wyze cam in night vision mode on two Echo Show 5’s simultaneously yields the same buffering-behavior-timing as displaying that cam on a single Echo Show 5. Adding another simultaneous display of that cam on an iPhone via the Wyze app and xferred over the same WiFi also has no noticeable impact. (No “buffering” BS on iPhone-Wyze app video, only on the Echo Show 5’s.)

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I don’t understand what you are trying to say. I am only using one echo show and one Wyze camera at once. I could view my pan cam on my Wyze with no issue. I just got a new indoor Wyze cam to replace it and it buffers every 5 seconds. It also buffers in both night vision and normal daylight. That makes no difference.

Im still testing and monitoring to see if it comes back but Support had me unlink the skill from my amazon app and re add it. It so far seems to have done the trick. Fingers crossed.

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Does anybody know if V3 has this same problem?

This did NOT resolve the issue. Buffering returned.

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issue still proceeds :frowning:

I’m giving up. Selling these cameras ASAP to someone who has time and energy to help a company to identify and fix their problems.


My echo show and Wyze panoramic cameras all work fine, when I try my brand new indoor Wyze it now won’t even connect. I think it has something to do with the indoor cameras since all 5 of my panoramic ones work great.

Same thing. Hoping it gets fixed in a software update.

I have the same problem with Echo Show 5. Did this ever get fixed?

There are a few who have downgraded their firmware, but you’d have to check the posts too see which version.
I ordered the V3 cameras and have not had any issues. I have to say the overall picture quality (day and especially night) was enough reason for me to make the change, but not having the buffering issues helped make the decision.