Constant buffering with camera (Google Nest (Home) and Echo (Alexa))

It seems to affect different people differently there’s no set pattern turning on or turning off the IR light doesn’t work for everybody I don’t know what it is but I wish they would fix it

Just updated the firmware to .199 hoping the buffering issues were fixed. After 10 seconds of viewing camera on Echo Show 8 buffering started occurring and won’t stop. If I take the camera off night vision it stops buffering. If I take the camera off IR it still has buffering issue. This and the 10 minute timeout has me seriously considering returning my camera. PLEASE FIX!

They, Wyze and Company are currently working on a fix so grab a cuppa joe and wait like the rest of us… Basically they’re a good company going thru adolescence… :wink:

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Same here, turning night vision off does nothing to help buffering