Connecting Wyze Sense to Alexa

I’m really curious to hear what yours is doing. Haha. I should probably add a disclaimer on my original post that Alexa’s behavior may vary. Mine isn’t doing anything insulting, but yours might. :joy:

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Thanks. Will be useful when the feature is actually released.

That particular routine is using a Ring contact sensor not a Wyze one. But the Wyze ones act or will act similarly.

Yeah, the Alexa interface should be identical regardless of who made the contact sensor, as long as it works with Alexa.

Yes. Any feedback is valuable.

I have to see what is the procedure with reconnection but I’m suspecting that this is the standard behavior and I’m not sure how we can sync the state without necessarily triggering the routines…

Well, regardless, it doesn’t seem to be syncing the state correctly… until I open and close them again, they all show as “open” in Alexa, even while the Wyze app shows their states correctly.

For example, I haven’t opened and closed the windows since that happened last night, and my windows all still show as being “Open” in Alexa, even though they’re closed in the Wyze app. (And they’re closed in reality.)

Ok so the state is not reflected all the time. That’s good feedback. We will have to check the metrics to see how many failures we are reporting.

Thank you,

No problem. :slight_smile:

I am very jealous! Alexa can not see my Wyze sensors at all. I have not connected any of my plugs but Alexa can only see my cameras and lights not my IR or door sensors. (I have tried things like asking Alexa to “discover” and disabling/ re-enabling the Wyze skill but still nothing for my sensors. I will keep watching!

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Go ahead and connect up your plugs , they work with Alexa and Alexa routines

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They disabled it because it wasn’t intended to be “live” yet. I’m using it, and I can verify that it’s still a little buggy, so it makes sense that they disabled it. You temporarily missed the boat, but it’s coming.

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It’s coming :blush:

Mine woke me up in the middle of the night to inform me that someone had entered through my downstairs basement door. Fortunately that didn’t happen. :grinning:

I had a similar experience, except Alexa said that literally every single window and door was open. Haha.

I have been fortunate so far in that nothing like that has happened. However i do have one odd ball happening.

In Alexa you can mark a smart plug as either a plug or as a light. Alexa has a feature that lets you ask her to turn the lights on by just saying “Alexa turn the lights on/off” and if she can identify lights associated with the same room as the Alexa that heard your request it will turn them on/off without you having to use the group or individual light bulbs name.

I have my Wyze plugs designated as plugs (the default) yet if I use the generic “lights” command the plug in that room turns on as well. In my bedroom the plug runs a small oscillating fan so that gets turned on with the lights.

I had a similar issue where Alexa wanted to turn my Roku TV on and off when I turned off the lights in the living room. I just removed the TV from my “living room” Alexa group, and it doesn’t do it anymore. It seems like more of an Alexa problem than a Wyze (or Roku) problem though. It seems to be assuming that you want to turn off ANYTHING that can be turned on or off, if they’re in a group together.

That does indeed fix it, but my OCD goes nuts removing a device from the room it’s in. Worse it does not always happen, it’s inconsistent. Odd.

Fair enough. I have a bunch of devices that are unassigned. For example, I didn’t bother assigning all my contact sensors, because I’m not doing any automations based on the room they’re in. And where would I put devices like my doorbell camera? Would I make a room called “Outside”? Haha.

I understand. My doorbell cam and an indoor cam with a view of the inside of the door are both in a room called EntryWay1 but like I said OCD lol :laughing:

My Ring doorbell camera is in the “Front Porch” room along with a Hue Light and several strings of LED lights mounted under the eaves of the house. Just inside the door would be the “Entryway” room.