CMC Refund with Cam Plus Transition - 7/29/20

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If I subscribe to the Cam Plus at the discounted rate (ending today) and apply it to a camera, can I change which camera is using it easily or will it be locked to the camera I initially picked? (I don’t want it on all my cams, but probably 1 and don’t know which one yet). Thanks!

Yes you can pay for a subscription and add the camera later, the subscription will start the day you subscribe to it

Good day Wyze,

I found it unfairly. Yes it’s good You have made a new upgrade features, but seem we old user holding to the promised you’ve made be affected for the said new feature.

Why not just applied it to the new subscriber with new feature and leave it optional to the old user.

Dis appointed costumer here.

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That is what they did-

My Outdoor Cam, installed 2 days ago, does not show as available for Cam Plus.
I subscribed, so far, for 2 cameras., the Outdoor Cam MUST be one of them.
Why isn’t the Outdoor Cam showing up as available for Cam Plus activation?

Because Cam Plus is not available for the outdoor cam yet.

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I just ordered you new Wyze camera and have not yet received it. Can I order Cam Plus and not begin my subscription until I receive the camera.
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If you ordered the outdoor camera Cam Plus does not work with it.
The subscription starts when you sign up even if you don’t have a camera.
If you currently have any WYZE camera you can assingn Cam Plus to it and move it to a different camera later.

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@WyzeGwendolyn Any chance Wyze has thought of a “monthly subscription” cost to cover all Wyze products similar to Google Nest? The more products you own the better that subscription cost looks. Right now at a per camera cost…the more cameras you have the worse the cost looks.

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Great idea. Subscriptions with simplicity.

I can’t believe Wyze is doing this. Why force users to use a feature that they are not interested in?
I have never been interested in Person Detection… I have never even turned it ON once…why?
Because I want to record everything… and detect everything that moves on my property.

Why is Wyze forcing users to pay for something they are not going to ever use?
This is a very, very bad move on Wyze. It should be separate… for those who want Person Detection and Complete Motion, sub for that… those who ONLY want Complete Motion should sub for a less price.

I can tell you that I will be ending my subscription completely as I will not be paying more for a feature I am not interested in… bad move Wyze… very bad move.

Bad idea. Subscriptions with complexity.

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how is having 2 different subscriptions complex?
The more options for the consumer, the better… every time.

Forcing users to pay for a feature they never use and are not interested is a bad idea.

Don’t need PD. Don’t need more than 30 seconds CMC. Don’t need more than 120 seconds CMC. Don’t need night time alerts. Don’t need pet detection. Don’t need HD recordings. Don’t need notifications. Don’t need rules. Don’t need camera groupings. All of these are very valid gradations and needs. You’re asking that Wyze customize to your specific desires. What about everyone else’s? What if your 2 choice menu doesn’t fit them?


I don’t know if the subscriptions are complex or not. I like to read this forum for humor and tech tips. But holy exponential expletives! Just the number of threads and swarms of cascading posts on obscure accounting refunds tell me something is confusing to more than just one person. I cannot imagine it building positive customer rapport…


You’re making it complex… your’re talking about features that are FREE… I am talking about features that you PAY for (subscriptions)… it’s basically 2 features… Person Detection and Complete Motion.

Complete Motion does NOT have to include Person Detection… that’s were the Cam Plus comes in.
For those who want every feature available, then Cam Plus is the way to go…

For those who ONLY want Complete Motion… there should be a separate sub… it’s simple.

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I completely agree with you. After I found that Cam Plus will replace my sub and it will be more expensive, I did not like that. I see what you are saying- why would I pay more for something I dont use?

I wish they would keep the way they have it now with complete motion and for those who want more features, then can can choose Cam Plus.