Cloud Recording without SD card



Is this possible with v2?




How do you set that up?

Edit: I was assuming the original question was referring to continuous cloud recording, but perhaps not. That is what I’m curious about.


I interpreted like you did. There’s (currently) not a way to continuously record to anything other than SD. I don’t consider the 12s motion notification alerts as a cloud recording.


Well, yeah. If the OP meant continuous cloud recording, them my answer changes to “no”.


Continuing on the cloud recording topic, I’m planning on buying a few of this cameras and on the description says free 14 day cloud recording, can you guys specify on this because to me it sounds like 14 days is a trial period or does it store clips for 14 days and after that old clips get deleted when new ones are recorded. Thanks in advance for your answers


The FAQs explain it better at

Basically the cloud storage is a rolling 14 day period of alert notifications, which are 12 seconds long and then has a cool down period of 5 minutes before it’ll alert again. With a microSD card, you can have continuous recording or from when motion is detected and continuing while motion is detected, without the cool down period and 12 second interval. This is not stored in the cloud, although it’s viewable from the mobile app. The cool down is only for push alerts to your mobile device.