Can Law Enforcement Notification of the Home Monitoring System Be Turned Off and On?

Regarding the Home Monitoring System, can law enforcement notification be switched on or off? Essentially, I don’t trust any home alarm system to be 100% free of false alarms, and I don’t want to bother police unnecessarily. Therefore, if I’m in town, I’d rather just be notified myself of the alarm-- even if I fail to respond to the notification. Then when I leave town for an extended time, I’d like for law enforcement to be notified if I can’t be reached. Is this possible in the settings, or will law enforcement always be notified if I don’t respond to an alarm notification?

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You can put the device in Test Mode at anytime. I have been in test mode since I got it as I don’t want to include any 3rd party monitoring at this time.


Of course in test mode or even not in test mode, HMS does not notify you of anything. It sounds the local alarm and, if not in test mode, notifies NoonLight of an alarm trigger. The only way you are ever notified is if you setup the notification features of each sensor or if NoonLight calls or texts to see if the alarm is real.

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That is true. I was more thinking of setting up the Rules to notify when Motion has been detected by a Camera, Door Sensor, or even motion sensors. :slight_smile:

In addition, I may have been reading into the question about can you not notify law enforcement, and that would be yes by Disarming or putting it in Test Mode. If in test mode, you will be notified via the app but not NoonLight.

Totally agree with your interpretation. Just wanted to make it clear that HMS doesn’t notify you about anything. Also, I think OP wants to have an option to turn off notification to law enforcement with a self-monitor mode (though not permanent) as requested in this wish list item:


Thanks guys. Yes I guess a “self monitoring mode” would be a better way to explain it. To allow us to select whether we want law enforcement to be notified or not. Charges for permits and false alarms would be the concern.

Great question. I dont want police breaking into my home for each false alarm. INSTEAD, I would like to be able from the App to designate a DIFFERENT phone number to call if I dont respond. A family members phone etc.

I really want to purchase the longer range Hub and sensors in the HMS system, but NOT if I cannot optionally redirect the response call to a different personal responder.

You will eventually be able to buy the V2 stuff without HMS, just not yet. The need for additional phone numbers has also been expressed in various Wish List items for HMS.


Even with sensor notifications for individual sensors turned off you’ll still receive notifications through HMS when it’s armed in home or away modes.

What kind? I don’t think you get notices on individual sensors…don’t you just get the alarm message with the countdown to enter the pin?

I got a notification that the alarm was triggered thru iOS critical alert. Then the app opens for pin entry. That screen also informs you what sensor tripped the alarm. I have it in test mode.

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Thanks for enlightening me. I didn’t realize it works that way. Going to some personal research and testing tomorrow.

I will buy the system and subscription at that time. The problem is Wyze cams and contacts have so many false alarms it would not withstand the protocol in my area with police departments false calls and eventually the system would be disconnected from their agency