Camera not opening on phone for QR Code scanning


I just received my 7 cameras but when I try to install the first one in the app, I can only get to the QR Code scanning screen, the camera does not pop up so I can scan the QR nor is there a button to press to “scan” or in this case activate the camera for scanning.

Im on a Google Pixel XL phone running Android 9 security patch Feb 5th 2019

Router change stops access to web cams

oh wow, you scan the QR code on the screen with the wyze cam, I though it was like every other device where you scan the QR code on the camera or hardware using the phone’s camera. LOL


I have posted the detaild instructions. When that screen pops up with the QR, make sure the camera has a light on and just position the camera in front of the camera and it will automatically scan pending you have pressed the setup button.