Camera keeps going offline

I have a Wyze Cam v2 that keeps going offline (error 90 or error 42). Firmware WiFi signal strength is 82%. If I reboot the camera by cycling power, it comes back online, but not for long. Sometimes I have to reboot a few times before it works again.

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Are you by chance using an aftermarket power adapter or longer power cable?

Scott, same here… Perhaps rbruceporter is onto something. I typically purchase aftermarket power cables for my wyze cams because I need a longer cable run. rbruceporter, are there acceptable “compatible” cables that we can purchase if we are having this issue to troubleshoot or are we limited to the 11 feet by purchasing the additional “mounting kit”?

I am using 26’ cables with my cameras and haven’t had any problems with them at all.

I used these extension cables for my Wyze cams. They work great.

2 Pack 26FT Power Extension Cable for Wyze Cam Pan,WyzeCam,Kasa Cam.YI Dome Home Camera,Furbo Dog,Nest Cam,Blink,Netvue, Durable Charging and Data Sync Cord for Home Security Camera

My cable is pretty short, about 3 feet. I was using a Samsung 700mA power supply I had laying around. After reading your post, I just replaced it with the one from Wyze which is rated at 1000mA. Maybe that will improve things.

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Your particular issue is often a sign of a power issue. Cheap or long cables and low end chargers can cause it as can underpowered ones. Let us know if changing the adapter works or helps.

My WYZE cam says offline on my phone but my internet is on. It stopped working this morning. What should I do. My husband press the button on the back of the cam, but nothing happened.

pull the power on the camera for about 15 seconds, plug it back in and see if it connects itself.

All of the sudden my 2 Wyze Cams (v2) are either not connecting or say ‘device is offline.’
This started happening today but the cameras were working this morning.
Yesterday, I had to cut the shared circuit to replace an outlet . Also, had to turn off the router yesterday as well.
Today, my phone had trouble connecting to my usual 2.4g network (the network the cameras are on). Eventually, was able to connect but am thinking it’s related.

Just power cycled both cameras. Still won’t work.

Both my cameras show ‘Device is offline (error code 90)’ but they were working an hour ago

Power cycled mine as well and rebooted my phone. Still doesn’t work

I occasionally get that on one or more of my cameras following a WiFi or Network outage. It usually takes the following sequence to restore everything to full functionality.

Turn off/Power off the following devices. No particular order so long as they all end up off. Your mix may vary.

Access Points

Turn back on in order.

  1. Modem - wait for it to boot and fully connect
  2. Router. Wait for it to fully boot.
  3. WiFi extenders
  4. Hubs
  5. Access Points - wait until fully powered up
  6. Cameras

I’ve also been experiencing this problem with my 3 cameras in the last 2 weeks. All three of my cameras was offline 5 minutes ago for the past 2 hours and as I’m typing this message now - it seems that 2 of them just came back on.

1 of 3 of my cameras is solely using the original cable and adapter plugged directly into a wall outlet. 2 of 3 are the same except plugged into an extension cord as the outlet is too far away.

The last time this has happened was only 2 days ago. Already went about power cycling and rebooting the routers.

Have only experienced this after updating to the latest firmware, my set up’s details are as follows:

  • iPhone XR / iOS v13.3.1
  • Wyze App v2.8.20
  • Firmware v

Appreciate any insight on this matter, thanks!

I hope I have finally solved my issue of either not being able to connect one or both of my Wyze cams or having them constantly showing offline. I finally found helpful advice (sorry I don’t have a link but google it) and in the last week I connect to both cameras every time without fail. That has never happened before. I changed two things. I have an ASUS router and by googling that and Wyze can I found that (a) I should NOT have the same PW for the router 2.4 and 5 ghz settings and (b) I needed to go into router settings and turn OFF something called airtime fairness. I did both those things and it’s been smooth sailing since then. Only been a week but they work better than they ever have. Hope this helps someone.