Base will not connect to Wifi

Finally! After trying for more than 6 months, I finally got my Wyze Base Station to connect to wifi but only temporarily. There are 2 issues that present problem and Wyze can hopefully fix both with software. The first is the base station would never allow me to save my wifi password. Kept saying fail. Shortened the password and it took. The base station should not have a preset password character limit. Who came up with that bright idea? The other and more important is although the shorter wifi password was able to be saved, the base station still wouldn’t connect to wifi. Solution: turn off WPA3 and voila it connects to WiFi within 20 seconds. Turn WPA3 back on and it disconnects from WiFi. So, until Wyze addresses the WPA3 bug I’ll have to use ethernet because no one is going to keep WPA3 turned off for a base station. The password character limit is insane and I’m sure it has cost Wyze a lot more in support calls than it would’ve cost having an engineer spend a few hours increasing the password character limit. I hope that I’m not too hopeful in looking forward to software updates that address these 2 issues soon. Oh, and I’m iOS 14.7 so no need to get an android device to set it up. The problem is with the Wyze software not the customer’s end.

Wyze Cam Outdoor currently does not support WPA3.


Is it on the roadmap?

For WCO… not that I see.

Although WPA3 support has been added as recent firmware updates for v2, v3 and Pan cams.

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Maybe if enough people ask for it they will consider it or it could be on the roadmap for the future or their wish list


Great idea Big_monkey. Here ya go… :+1:


WPA3 support is needed for the base station - not the outdoor camera - to connect via a wifi connection with WPA3 turned on. It connects fine to WPA2 but WPA2 is less secure. I called Wyze Supprt multiple times about not being able to connect to wifi and the WPA3 issue was not mentioned so hopefully the information will help other poor souls who, like me, just configure out why wifi wouldn’t connect. Well, that and the password length issue.