Any Wyze products available so my elderly loved one can see me when I talk to her through the Wyze cam?

I have a few Wyze cams set up at my great aunts retirement home so we can check in on her. But when I use the talk feature through the camera it confuses her. She has the beginning stages of dementia, so it would be too confusing for her to answer a video call. I was hoping Wyze would offer a product that would allow her to see us on a monitor when we talk to her through the camera, but I can’t find any products like this. The closest I can find is the Echo Show that allows a “drop in” video call, so that she would be able to see us on a video call without having to accept a call.

Am I correct that Wyze doesn’t offer any specific products with this capability?

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Wyze doesn’t have a device that could do what you are asking.
The only devices that would work would be an Android tablet or iPad and phones of course.
If you were going that route you may as well use Skype of Facetime.
Any of these would be a challenge for someone with dementia and for a lot of people without dementia. :slightly_smiling_face:

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There’s Facebook Portal too. Similar to Echo or Fire TV with the bonus of an even more insidious sponsor.

The nice thing about something like a FireTV stick is that it can automatically switch the TV to the live caller view - I’ll assume that like many people she already has the TV on most of the time anyway. Single view and simple, no additional small screen device (Echo Show, Portal) she has to find her way to.

Also don’t discount the familiarity of a regular phone handset, or perhaps one of the few remaining video phones in that more traditional shape.

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Welcome to the Wyze community @tellegraham!
I’d recommend the Echo Show 8. The drop-In works great because nobody has to answer on the other end.
Amazon also has the “emergency contact” feature witch is good for someone with dementia because that can just “Alexa, Call for help”.

If you want something that’s less expensive but has the same features, thy the Echo Show 5.

Finally if you have a larger budget and you want a bigger screen you can get the Echo Show 10 (coming soon).
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These devices are often on sale for Christmas. Good sales, like 1/2 price sometimes.


Or just get a Fire HD 10" tablet for half the cost now. Can mount on the wall or a $2 stand. And it has the functions of an Echo Show.