Add a loud Siren (also integrated with HMS)

I don’t think they are listening. This item has been asked for by many people, in many posts, on many occasions, and I have YET to hear a peep from Wyze – that they have heard or that they have considered or that have even acknowledged our requests. Very disappointing. The Wyze Cam was their flagship product, and it has been marketed heavily as a security device. But without a siren, without an “offline notification” feature, and without a few other tweaks, it’s a glorified baby monitor – nothing more.

The original idea was to simply allow user to upload a few sound files of their choice and in app have a button to push to send soundfile to all cams you have. Simple programming fix.

While that may have been included under this, the lack of loud speakers is a serious deficiency of an alarm system. If Wyze wants this to be considered a real security system, this is a must have.

I have 7 cameras so with all speakers sounding it is a great fix until they decide to just put an alarm in like the Bosma I had to buy to have 1 camera with a built in 115 db alarm

I just received my leak sensors yesterday and I’m really surprised there’s no audible alarm component to them. If I’ve got water leaking somewhere, I want to know about it immediately. I don’t want to rely on a generic push notification on my phone that I ignore most of the time anyway.

I was hoping you could have them trigger some kind of alarm on the hub, but that doesn’t seem to be an option.

I would love to be able to trigger an alarm or similar sound on the hub through an action. Or manually trigger a doorbell chime, since I’ve got those all over the place anyway. Just anything that would let me hear a continuous audible notification that water is leaking somewhere or a beep acknowlegement that something else is happening. All you really need to do is make an alarm an action that’s able to be triggered. You could set up audible alarms for motion on a camera, a door being left open for too long, someone who comes to your door but doesn’t ring the bell (Amazon), or any number of other things. The alarms could come from a camera, the hub or a doorbell chime.

The more I talk through this, the more I’m baffled this functionality doesn’t exist…

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Thanks for the heads up. Won’t plan on buying such limited technology with a simple hardware fix Wyze shoulda thought of at the design phase. All, and I mean all, water leak detectors have buzzer or alarm as part of the solution. Why Wyze designers would forego an immediate alert??? Guess they have product designers with minimal experience.

Dropping the ball again Wyze.

I guess with all Wyze products you have to have redundant products to ensure complete protection. Wyze products are more gimmick than real world use.

Yeah. Not sure what they were thinking.

I personally had given up on waiting for Wyze to come out with a Water Leak sensor, and went with Govee Water sensors instead.

They have an EXTREMELY (!!!) loud alarm when they sense water, and also send an alert over 433Mhz.

You can either by their base, which has a built in 433Mhz listener in it, to get the alerts which then redirect them over Wifi to your phone.
Or you can buy your own RTL SDR 433Mhz radio for $20 and listen for them yourself. (Which is what I do, because I have it integrated into Home Assistant)

I rarely endorse any given product, but after having these for over a year now, and they have caught 2 leaks, (1 toilet, 1 sink), I have been absolutely impressed with the quality of these things.

I’ve had my leak sensors for a month now and added them with probes to my sump pump wells, 2 days ago the leak sensor for my basement sump pump went off and I missed the notification, well my sump pump failed and caused 1200.00 in damage to my basement. I bought the sensors to stop this from happening! Now I had to shut off every other notification from my cameras and motion sensors and doors so I make sure to know when the sump pump goes off! It needs an action to allow me to activate the HMS Siren or a stand alone siren! Even if the HMS is in idle.

Wyze made the v3 cameras with the mini alarm feature. Why isn’t there a rule that activates the alarm in them when the HMS alarm goes off? I have three cams around the outside of my house that would get some attention if they all went off.