Add a loud Siren (also integrated with HMS)

Hi all, yes this can be done with hardware but I was on the initial request and it is a simple software upgrade. It creates a button on your phone and then it can allow you to pick from your pre loaded sounds ie alarm, dogs barking etc.

If you have to buy add ons then just buy other brands with built in alarms

Are there rules that would trigger the smart plug when WYZE HMS is set to AWAY? If not then it becomes a dual manual process of ARMING the HMS and arming (by turning on the rule) the smart plug to be on only when you are away. The whole security system needs to be INTEGRATED so 1 click and the automations are set. Hence why add on ALARM/Siren(s) would seem the best way to go.

I would like to be able to add siren in other room on the Wyze Home Monitor.

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WYZE already makes a chime for the video doorbell. A stand-alone chime would act as an alarm. User features would select tones, duration of time sound is on ( 1-30 seconds), and volume of sound. I don’t see why this could not hit the market in 45 days.

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Desperately need an external siren with HMS. It really isn’t an effective system without a decent siren.


if smart wall sockets will come on when something alarm system would that not be a perfect place to plug in an alarm, anywhere there’s a socket?


The heading was to simply use the existing speakers which many of us have 5 to 7 around the house and load in the software a button to push on wyze app which links to sound recordings you choose to upload.

Now they can put an alarm in like Bosma but Wyze is supposed to be a software company. This could/should be done easily. It just doesn’t fit their new business model of selling add ons.

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That’s a pretty hacky solution. If Wyze wants to sell an alarm system / home monitoring system they need to build all of the appropriate sensors and other appliances. People are putting the safety of their families and property in Wyze hands.

Second, there is no way to trigger the plug solution when the alarm goes off.

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Do you think a motion sensor or door sensor will trigger the smart plug?
then it would work in home mode also. just curious.

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You can currently trigger a smart plug with a motion sensor or door sensor. However, there is no way to trigger that action only when the alarm is “armed”. If such an action could be added that was restricted to only when the system is armed, it could be a viable solution.

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I think I’ll try that because the alarm only goes off when a sensor is tripped anyway. Thanks much

The problem is the door sensors detect open/closed whether the HMS is in an armed state or not. So this would trigger the siren even when the HMS is not in an armed state. That is why Wyze needs to integrate a real working solution.

oh crap gotta work on that. Thanks

WE NEED SIRENS!!! What we currently have currently is not enough to deter a threat. The sense hub siren is too quiet and needs to be increased to its full potential.

The Chime already comes with an intruder alarm tune that at full blast, is actually much louder than the base station. I feel like that can also be used as a cheap effective alarm siren as well as a door chime.

Finally, we need a full on wireless 110db or higher warble tone siren that can be placed indoors or outdoors and be triggered by either the alarm or manually in the app.

This would help make the system so much beefier.


+1 for needing a louder siren. I love wyze, and I’m buying this system anyway because I believe it’ll get better, but I really really hesitated because of the weak siren, and I’m sure there are many people who didn’t buy one because of that.

It’s a real shame the rules dont at least support turning on a smart plug when the alarm is triggered in away mode only etc. That would solve this problem for me completely. PLEASE ADD THIS RULE / TRIGGER!


The siren on the hub is simply not loud enough. Please offer an add-on LOUD siren. It would be nice to be able to add several around the house.


Need a siren or louder alarm for the sense hub. The siren volume is not loud enough at all.

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Please add a loud siren!!! Can barely hear it in the next room at full blast. This ain’t scaring any intruders. Sometimes I can’t even hear the alarm trigger when I am two rooms away.

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Another vote for separate Siren / Alarm modules here, but also integration with the doorbell camera chimes.

Ultimately what I would like is to be able to put something like a chime in multiple places around the house that can ding when a contact sensor opens, motion sensor is tripped etc. since I am not always able to hear the hub. You could also have the chimes sound the 30 second [or whatever time you choose] entry / exit delay, ideally along with they keypads. I have 2 keypads at entry doors, it would be nice for them to beep on entry if the alarm is set, but the chimes doing so would also work. Equally, it would be nice to have a chime in the bedroom so that when the contact / motion sensor trips it would alert me,

Secondly, and this would need to be a separate product, but a very loud siren/klaxon type thing for when the alarm is triggered. Most normal home security systems have this, as a way of alerting anyone in the house to an intruder, encouraging an intruder to leave the location and alerting neighbours to a problem. I have a friend in the security field and he recommends having strobe lights & a siren inside the house as well that is painfully loud as a way of encouraging unwanted guests to leave. having the ability to install multiple, both inside & outside, would be ideal.

If the siren and chime could also be tied to actions from other devices, that would be a bonus. For example, person detected on a camera / doorbell, make a noise to let them know they have been detected. At the same time, have the chimes in the house announce person detected at the front door, even if they don’t ring the doorbell. Many a time I have had a package thrown on the front porch but not known because they didn’t ring the doorbell.


I really hope Wyze is listening. Because without this being added, I personally can’t consider this a viable home security solution and will need to move on to some alternative provider. This would be very unfortunate, because I have been with Wyze since the beginning and have made an effort to move ALL of my automation, cameras, etc… to Wyze products for the whole single ecosystem.