2.10+ beta App Release - 4/27/2020

I’m on Android, I’ve noted, more connection issues with both

Are you able to see it now?

Yes. We should have fixed the iOS issue related to the 0 being not visible on the screen. We have issued a new version of the app and it is available through TestFlight.

Just downloaded it. I am testing it right now. Will let you know if the issues is fixed.

Hello Frederik! The dial pad now allows for scrolling. This meaning that you can now easily hit the zero to cancel and alarm. :grinning:.


Info here:


When you get a notification for motion or person and click on it the emergency button is not there. It is only there if you go into the events page and click on an event from there. To me the emergency button being there when you click on a notification from Wyze is the most important place to be.


That’s actually the release notes for the build today. The 2.10.41 build just says “Improved UI” with no elaboration. I saw no differences.

I have a defect logged on that point. Waiting on the engineering to fix it.


I’ve seen Improved UI on a few releases lately. It is vague and I haven’t noticed much either. A few different icons.

Completely unrelated to the Emergency Button, I’m seeing a some very weird behavior on all my Cam Pan devices (some of these misbehaviors reported in support ticket 563011):

  1. When I open a Cam Pan device and drag in the image, the pan response is correct, but the tilt response is inverted. For example, if I put my finger in the middle of the image and drag to the lower right, the camera correctly pans to the left and incorrectly tilts DOWN. This is the case regardless of the camera orientation, i.e., if the camera is right side up or upside down (with 180 degree rotation requested).

  2. Motion tracking is completely screwed up when the camera is in upside down orientation. I have to turn tracking off on the camera I have mounted at the top of my window casing.

  3. All three of my cameras have a microSD card, and are set to record events (not continuous). Today, I was unable to play back any of the event recordings – it was saying that there were no recordings, even though the each of the cameras’ cards were essentially full. I don’t know whether this was due to the Android app update or the Cam Pan firmware update that took place today (now at – I suspect the latter. I reformatted the microSD cards on all the cameras and event recording now seems to be working.

And just to be clear, none of these misbehaviors were happening previously. I can’t say with certainty when the problems started, but I strongly suspect it’s with either this new app version, the new Cam Pan firmware version, or both.

Is this REALLY where we’re supposed to report bugs?

Awesome thank you!!

I think we are supposed to report beta findings on Facebook. I don’t use Facebook.

I am seeing the same problem thst you describe #1. The 4 way pad seems to work correctly.

not working

always server timeout

App 2.10.71 (delivered today) still has the tilt misbehavior

@WyzeFrederik somewhat off topic but, is Wyze going to make a cool video to advertise the Emergency Button when it goes out to all of its customers??


Today I was able to sign up for the emergency button which is to say I was able to enter my address etcetera. I restarted the app. However I don’t see a button anywhere to activate the emergency button. I don’t know what screen I should look on to find the new emergency button or what it looks like.

Once you have defined your address and cancellation pin, you have to pick the devices at that location. After that, if you go to one of those device page, you will have an extra button showing up on top.

If you are not seeing it, please send the log and let me know the ticket number. thank you!

No. We are saving the money and work effort for something bigger. Something like Emergency Button v2… The marketing team is full working on the outdoor camera release.


Ok great! Just wondering. Update on Outdoor Camera?