Wyze Sprinkler Controller with more zones

Would love to buy the Wyze sprinkler controller, especially because Wyze makes good economical products. But my house has more than 8 stations, so I would love to see a controller with 12 stations.

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The Wyze Sprinkler Controller FAQ says (as of today, May 10, 2021):

“Does Wyze Sprinkler work with more than 8 zones?
No, Wyze Sprinkler is only compatible with up to 8 zones. Do not attempt to put multiple wires into one terminal or link two devices together.”

Is this info out-of-date? I would be perfectly happy with three 8-zone controllers, as long as I can control them from one app on my phone. Can anyone accurately tell us whether this works now or not?


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This is what I have asked before and I still don’t have any answers. I have one controller but would like another one also on the same app. I’m not sure why this question is so hard to answer from Wyze tech support.

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Ok. I have bought two Wyze sprinkler controllers and I have them both attached to the same app on my phone. It just lists them both in the Wyze app above the list of Wyze cameras. The two controllers are sitting side-by-side in my garage and are so far working fine together.

I have to configure them separately. I can’t have one schedule that includes zones from both controllers. But that’s not a big deal.

I have one controller own the odd days and the other controller owns the even days to make sure that both controllers don’t try to turn on zones at the same time, as my water pressure can’t handle that.

I haven’t enabled Sprinkler Plus yet so I don’t know if there will be any gotchas there, but I’m optimistic.

Also, here’s my brilliant plan:

I have one valve box far out in the yard where I want to add another zone to divide up the heads on an overloaded zone. The problem is that I don’t have any more wires in the cable going to the box so I can’t control another solanoid. But I do have awesome wifi, so here’s my plan:
I’m going to put a Wyze sprinkler controller inside the valve box and then I will be able to have up to eight zones right there without having to have nine strands of wire going to the box. I will only need two strands to provide power to the Wyze controller. Specifically, I will cut the cable on the Wyze power supply and attach the two wires in it to two strands of the cable. I will plug this into a wall outlet near the indoor end of the cable, where the old controller box was. Then at the other end I will attach the other half of the Wyze power supply wire, which has the round power connector, onto the two strands of the underground cable. This will power the Wyze controller, which will sit in the valve box inside a couple of ziplok bags. Then I can attach from the solenoids directly to the Wyze controller within the valve box and control up to eight valves. Boom!

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Instead of Zip lock bags, get a water-tight storage box and feed the wires through a grommet sealed with silicone. Permanent fix and water proof. :-).

Hi all, thanks for the questions. The Wyze Sprinkler FAQ is now updated.

“Wyze Sprinkler is only compatible with up to 8 zones. Do not attempt to put multiple wires into one terminal or daisy chain devices. However, two controllers can work independently, but you must label the zone-to-controller mapping on your own.”

As @dave0 can testify :slight_smile:


@WyzeShanee Do you know if one sprinklerplus subscription would work for multiple controllers or would one need to purchase the same number of sprinklerplus subscriptions as controllers?

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@rozzz I don’t think one subscription can support multiple controllers. The free year comes with each controller, though.

Dang, the new house I JUST moved into has a buggy sprinkler controller (so I need a new one), but the system has 9 zones. I don’t want to have to buy a separate (second) Wyze controller AND a separate subscription every year just for having a single extra 9th zone (a single zone on it’s own controller seems ridiculous).

I know the FAQ says not to put multiple wires into one terminal, but I’m hoping maybe this is just standard corporate liability disclaimer mumbo jumbo…has anyone actually tried merging 2 zones into one (coupling the wires)? I am very tempted…it would save me a lot of money and some of my zones are small and could probably reasonably be merged (would have to verify water pressure to make sure first since I just barely moved in and haven’t tested it out much).

I’d prefer to switch to Wyze, but that stupid 9th zone seems to be screwing everything up.

Running two zones off one terminal can cause a water supply issue. If you have enough water pressure and flow for 2 zones at once it will likely be okay.

Running 2 controllers can cause the same problem, they won’t talk to each other to make sure only one of them is running at a time, You’d need to manually stagger the schedules.

Hopefully, a 12 or 16 zone controller is in the works.

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Ah, I see. I was wondering why they made such small zones (this is the first functioning sprinkler system I’ve had). It seemed like several of the zones were very small and should’ve been merged. Must be a water pressure issue then.

Argh, I want a Wyze controller so bad, but that 9th zone is just killing my OCPD!

EDIT: I just checked my Sprinkler system set up, and they aren’t even using zone 9 (there are no plugs into it), and 2 of the other zones are already doubled up in the current system anyway:

So I’m just going to get the Wyze Sprinkler and see if everything still continues to work fine with the same setup. I really can’t stand the current controller, it is really annoying to use. My wife said she can’t stand it either and told me to go buy this Wyze controller, so we’re going to give it shot! Worst case scenario I guess I’ll buy a second one later, but for now I’ll just try doubling up on 3 & 7 as it’s already set up for.

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I have 17 zones and would like a single controller to rule them all.