Wyze Sense Contact Sensor Always Open


I have the same issue
My ticket number is 357560

Thanks for looking in to this one

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Thanks for letting us know! Sorry about the trouble. I checked on your ticket and it looks like the team already has you covered.


Well here is an other person with similar problems. One of my sensor showing always open and the other one offline :rage:

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I have the same problem. I have 2 door sensors which sometimes work but are both now stuck on β€œopen”.
Also, the notifications take hours to come through so I was hours away from home when the app informed me that the sensor was open. I had to go to great lengths to find out that the door was actually shut. The 2nd sensor suddenly showed open hours later with no one being at home.

Looks just like mine!

Has this issue ever been resolved? It is May 2020… i have the same problem as so many other people my sensors stop logging changes