Wyze Pan Cam v2 stuck at blinking blue light

i have deleted both Wyze Cam Outdoors and re installed. I turned them off for an extended period. Turned them back on. They were working fine until I took them down to charge them. When I put them back up they went off line. I cannot get them to pair and they are still off line. What is your suggestion? They don’t work. I have 4 cameras 2 wired and 2 Outdoor. They have been nothing but problems but I would like them to work. It could be human error but I really need some help to get them up and working again.

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Marge Bradt

Hi Marge and welcome to the community!

This particular thread is for the Pan Cam V2, but I will see what I can do to help.

Try going over the basics again:

If that does not work I would contact support at (206) 339-9646 between 4 am - 8 pm PT Monday through Friday, and 8am-4pm PT Saturday.

Thank you for a quick response.

I did what you suggested…Reset both Outdfoor Cams.

When I was trying to pair the cameras it said pairing failed. I did that several times to each one. then i decided enough was enough. I had the cameras on the table and I saw an infra red light on the face of the cameras. I checked on my phone and the cameras was working. It offered an upgrade so I did that on both of them. I could never use the cameras if the base wasn’t plugged into the router. It always said offline.
Now they work without being plugged into the router. I can check them from anywhere without being plugged into the router. I could never do that before when they weren’t plugged into the router. My question is do I alwas have to take the SD card out now that I am not plugged into the base to view what is on the cards? Any suggestions on why i would use so much battery?

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I would leave the SD card in unless you have the cam plus subscription. And double check for any updates, as they have had a few that helps with the battery consumption…

I have cam plus so i do not need the SD card in. Ok Thank you. What is the advantage to having Cam Plus? I haven’t figured it out.

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I think it is a good deal. Here is a comparison:

Thank you for your help. I have gone into the forums and they have more issues than I have. i am 77 and it’s nice to have one person to answer my questions instead of having to look for a forum,.
Have a good weekend coming up.

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My Wyze Pan Cam V2 is down again. It ran for a day and then disconnected.

I removed the device from the Wyze App and went through setup. I connected and finished the setup. Everything functioned fine. I then closed the app and have been unable to connect since.

Please advise.

What Firmware version on the Pan Cam V2? What platform for the App. Iphone or Android? What Version of that App?

Model- Wyze Cam Outdoor Firmware - - Android - Version

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Hi. Sorry for the trouble. Could you PM me the MAC of the Pan v2? Thanks