Wyze is a Chinese Company ( Discussion Continued)

I would Agree to this…Middle quality sold at disposable prices.


What a coincidence, was just watching the beginning of the Stan & Ollie biopic on IMDBtv. Not bad.

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When they first came out they were fraught with problems not so much mechanical as they were software and firmware I think they’ve gone past that era and entered an era of a very capable camera. The company is still a little lax on communicating their intentions to the customer what they’ve come along ways and I think they have a place in the industry

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Here’s a question. Is the ‘cheap junk’ Chinese manufacturers are capable of producing sold within China to the Chinese? Or are the Chinese people offered only middle-grade and better quality in a controlled market?

I don’t know.

Wyze ‘private labels’ the Xiaomi camera, adds software and interoperability value and brands it Wyze for sale in the US.

Is anything of quality lower than a ‘Wyze’ offered to consumers in China’s internal market?

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So what if it is. I don’t care. Mashushu, what it is that you are so afraid of? All Tech companies around the world collect information from everyone. If you are worried about it, I would advise you to not using any technologies that are connecting to the Internet.