Wyze Car - powered charging base/dock

Is anyone else having trouble with the car being really underpowered? It works which is cool but it can barely grind its way over my lawn, which is really sad considering it’s all wheel drive.

Sport mode seemed to make no difference

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Yeah I’m kind of confused that it has shocks cuz it don’t need any

For the Price…It’s a Toy…I have 3 cars and we use them for Pool Parties.

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That’s a thought get more and you can play tag. LOL :wink:

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Got mine a few days ago. Charged power bank to full, put car together, setup a V2 (latest firmware) camera and the car goes nowhere.

When I choose my camera named “car” (start driving), I tap on my car camera. Next screen asks me if the car was inserted (duh of course), next screen is troubleshooting (update firmware - did that), (power cycle - did that), (contact support - submitted ticket - still waiting).

I can get the horn to blow, but no light or movement. Tapping for movement throws me to the troubleshooting page (see above).

Same problem when I tried with another working camera.

Not happy with this, it shouldn’t be this hard. Should be play and drive. Fun in 20 minutes not frustration.

Anyone had this problem? Any solutions? Anything???


I am a little less annoyed than you right now with the multiple Wyze products I own, but must say, the Wyze Car is the BIGGEST DISAPPOINTMENT by far. (even surpassing my DISAPPOINTMENT WITH THE WYZE APP ON AN IPAD) I can’t believe anyone would be happy with this purchase. The only reason I’ll keep this SAD EXCUSE for product, is I only paid $49 for it and I can use the battery pack for recharging my phones, if needed.

WYZE, INC, should be EMBARRASSED for offering such a substandard piece of crap as this.

I put this together in front of extended family, thinking it would be fun to show everyone. I was BEYOND embarrassed for how LOUD this thing was.

And, i forget if it was left,or right, but turning in one of those directions, is not even close to what you get for a turning radius in the other direction.

REALLY @WyzeDave @WyzeYun @WyzeDongsheng @WyzeGwendolyn , Each of you would actually put your name on something as pathetic as this product? You would actually give one of these as a present to anyone?

Do Wyze and the public a favor and take this thing OFF the market now.

You should be embarrassed to take money for this product.


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The Wyze Board would sell Anything or Anyone to make a $$. I would add the Outdoor Cam, Robo Vac, Cordless Vac, Power Outdoor to this list…For $50 I was not expecting anything great and as a Owner of 3…I use them for Pool Parties…You gave me an idea and will take these to a outdoor range for some fun(Will post the video). If you are in the market for REAL Remote Gear,https://www.motionrc.com/…Now WATCH the Hate replies from our Lemmings.

I guess I was a bit harsh, but them’s my thoughts of the Wyze Car. Perhaps my thoughts will change in the future if I can get the stupid thing to even connect to my iPhone (I had to use my old Samsung Note to get it to even work the first time) and it was such a disappointment, I haven’t bothered to spend any further time with it.

The Outdoor cams for me, have actually been a positive experience, more than negative. I’ve been able to capture some great wildlife footage using them like trail cams around my property.

Perhaps the Moderators can move all the negative Wyze Car comments to another new Thread out of this wishlist post.


I guess I was lucky. Mine worked. Meets the expectations of a toy car. Not sure where all the venom is coming from here. Sorry you all had such life altering and devastating first world problems. Lol

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At this site, is what appears to be a similar platform as the Wyze Car, and it appears to be significantly faster than the Wyze Car, and somewhat quieter than the Wyze Car that I purchased.

I don’t think my Wyze Car could beat a napping sloth in any race of any distance.

video review of similar RC controlled car:


If the Wyze Car could make that type of speed, maybe the entirely too loud noise would be acceptable… doubtful… but maybe…

Perhaps the 5V / 2A ‘powerplant’ just isn’t meant to beat a sloth.

When I did have it running, I put a 20 oz vacuum sealed cub full of soda and Ice in the bed… and you could hear the strain the drive train was undergoing.

Yes, I fully realize it’s a toy, but if I gave this to a child, the child would quickly become bored with how slow it was. For me, a much older child, it was entirely to loud and slow.

I’m going to go curl up into a fetal position on the floor and throw a tantrum now.



Agreed, very underpowered.


I have been getting the same experience as Tech Sis. Everything up to date and complete fail. on occasion camera will produce picture but the only thing that works is the horn. NO MOVEMENT, NO HEADLIGHTS EITHER! Very disappointed. was advised technicians will email me with solution. Told the young lady I would wait one week. Big disappointment!!!


Yeah just off the phone with customer support. They sent trouble ticket to the Engineers. Now waiting for a reply in 24-48hrs.

*New symptom: app said to power cycle, but so I unplugged it from the power bank and I plugged it back in the headlight came on and would not turn off.

I’m starting to think that there is a big batch of defective cars out there. Everything was rushed to get it the door as soon as possible.

We’ll see what they have to say.

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Move over. I’m joining you.

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It’s all 3rd Party China Low Grade gear…Once the 3 cars die…They are going to an Outside Range for some fun.

I have an iPhone and am having the same issues. I have to add the camera every time I open the App and I can get the horn to blow, but then nothing. I bought THREE of these for gifts. I am not happy and am embarrassed that they don’t work for the people I bought them for. They were for my husband and my son.

My kids were super excited christmas morning. we immediately started building rock and wood ramps to drive over in my yard but this thing can barely make it over a pencil, totally unacceptable. On the box it brags about being all wheel drive but that means nothing if it has barely enough power to move.

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Just look at what I did and I’ll shortly post a video on how it can get some extra speed.

I modified mine to get some extra speed

It’s all good mate. Check what I did. I’ll share a video of how and it was really not hard.