Wyze (camera) rover

Autonomous Robot with Camera

I would like to see a camera (Wzye Cam 3?) attached to an indoor robot that will autonomously wander around my house checking out all the rooms it can travel into. If it see’s something out of the ordinary like a door or window open it will take a picture and alert me. I should have the ability to log onto and take remote control of the robot with a live view from the camera. Once the robot has done it’s perimeter check it should automatically return to it base station to recharge.

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wyze truck or mobile camera

I would love to see a remote controlled vehicle that I can leave outside on a power charging dock that would allow me to remotely pilot it and take a look at my house when I am gone. Security cameras do a great job at looking out but don’t look towards the house. Plus if I get a security notification I can hop onto the wye app and drive the vehicle over to check it out.