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Thanks for the info

I knew it was a monetary limitation. Too many years have gone by to implement this basic functionality.

They weren’t using WebRTC before.

It was noted in their May 31 email (the one with the subject May Highs and Lows: New Products, The Chip Shortage, and a Major Upgrade for Cameras"):

Yes that was the point. It doesn’t explain the prior delay.

I didnt like the cost of Nest cameras. Had five of them. Moved to Wyze and now have 10 cameras for a fraction of the cost. But now that I cannot just open a browser at work to keep an eye on my home, it is time to move back to nest or on to something else.

I get the comments on monetary issue. But really what is that cost holistically to keep us all buying Wyze products?


I went back to the hard wired system. I miss the convivence of being able to put a camera anywhere with minimal installation effort, but so many times I have wished the cams we on a screen to just look up. The Nickle and dime bs on everything, and move free functions to a pay for option later has me frustrated.

$25 a cam is not a great deal either. The cam option I currently have has the same detection options for about the same cost. 8 3k cams, dvr box. hard rive and the wires for $170

Yeah I’m thinking the same. I want to do deep machine learning in real-time and that’s just not an option on these devices. If I can grab the stream onto my server I’d be able to do it that way, even if it’s slightly delayed.
I’m not just interested in knowing it’s a person at the door, I want to know if it’s someone my system recognizes through previously labeled images. Then Alexa can say “Your friend Brandon is at the door. Should I unlock it?” :sunglasses: