Thermostat wiring diagram, voltages?

Duh, Sorry, I now see an O/B terminal on the Tstat.

Yeah, You can learn from my mistakes on that one.

Pile of shame. :laughing:

I just installed mine and got this error message. I clicked through and ran through the test procedure in the app and everything seemed to work. Do you know if there is a way to constantly display the ambient temperature?

You can click skip. The RV system works a little differently so it is not being sensed.

Thanks to the feedback provided here, I’ve updated my article to include the new details and the screenshots for setting up the thermostat in the app. Please let me know if there is anything missing. I hope it helps everyone.

OK, had some issues last night. The first time the heater was called to run I realized the AC was running also. I updated the firmware with no luck resolving the issue. So next I deleted the tstat from the app and tried to re pair this time omitting the yellow wire from the set up process but when it went to find the device on the network it would not pair/find. Prior to this I could always access the tstat from my phone. This morning I found that the green wire goes to the AC fan not the furnace fan so anytime it calls for heat the AC fan comes on also. Remedy for now was to remove both the yellow and green wires so now only have heat. Also can only control it manually from the tstat. Still can’t get it to pair. Pic from original installation, “Yellow” wire edited.

Did you select “other” or “radiator” in the setup? I kept running into that issue as well. On a home furnace/AC system it runs fans for both systems so it thinks it needs to do that on our setup as well. Telling it to use it as a radiator lets it know that there are no fans involved. The RV furnace controls its fans on its own as soon it comes on so it doesn’t need an additional signal line.

As for re-pairing it if you press and hold the tstat button it will eventually ask you if you want to factory reset. You need to do this before it will let you pair it again. It is also under settings if you can still get to that screen on the tstat.

Think we have success. Thank you so much for all your help. One more question I don’t believe anyone answered when I asked before.

Is there a way to get the Tstat to constantly display the ambient temp?

Awesome, I glad it worked out. I haven’t found any way to have it always on. It only shows up when I walk by. You might be able to do a feature request. I think that would be a nice option so I can see it across the room.

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