Simultaneous Streaming (Multi-camera viewing)

@wbentz22 Hello! This feature is launched many releases ago. You can view multiple livestream videos from a camera group. You can add a device group by tapping the PLUS sign on the top left corner on the Home page in Wyze app. Let me know if you have more questions! :slight_smile:

You can use the app to view up to 4 cameras in a group at most. I have given up on using TinyCam Pro to view more. It just crashes the network trying to view 5 + cameras. I went back to my old 16 camera system and took down all my Wyze camera at the office.

Is this available for iPhones?

when creating groups are there a way to keep them in the all camera list …
it moves them only to the group making it an extra click to see just one camera
when not wanting to view as a group .

would like a way to have in group as well as in the all devices list .

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The Group option is great for viewing multiple cameras at one on mobile devices, but I was hoping to connect a monitor to the computer and run some type of software to show multiple cameras on a larger screened monitor. Is there some free software out there that’s recommended, even if not by Wyze but this forum community, or does Wyze offer a solution? As always, thanks. Overall pretty pleased with Wyze products and keep coming back for more.

Try tinycam

1 Like is up for sale. Can u provide a link? Thx


Although further reading shows it’s gone downhill since I used it a few years ago.

I’ve read in previous forum threads that V3 doesn’t work w any 3rd party softwares. Does anyone know if Wyze updated?

I worked on doing this very thing for quit sometime now and I want to save you the trouble and headaches I went through. Wyze has great cameras for your home that you can easily view through the app but if you are looking to replace a security monitoring system were you are viewing 5 or more cameras, don’t bother. Yes you can setup all the cameras on TinyCam Pro and connected them all to view at once but here is the issue. Once you start viewing 5 or more cameras, your network gets so congested that the camera views start going in and out. You will even have issues with computers on your network running slow OR not connecting to resources at all (file servers, printers, ect…). Save yourself the time and just stick with one of the box DVR systems. I ended up abandoning this project after almost a year of working on it with Wyze support team and TinyCam developers.

Seems like they could utilize groups of 5 cameras at a time, then rotate through the groups to keep the bandwidth usage down. Yes? No?