Problems with Wyze Cam Outdoor (not original V1 cam)

And which is the firmware version is the one that will allow the original Wyze outdoor cameras to work and where can it be downloaded from?

Which firmware will allow the Original Wyze Outdoor Camera to work and where can I download it from?

Firmware is located here:

With all due respect, @rich4121 , why oh why do you keep posting about the Wyze Cam Outdoor here? The mods gave you your very own thread at Problems with Wyze Cam Outdoor (not original V1 cam)

This thread is about the Wyze Cam V1.

[Edit: obviously this branch merged into proper thread now]

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Mainly because i keep getting replies here. Why is that a problem for you?

It’s a problem for everyone, including the mods who keep having to clean up after you. Please try to respect the other folks here.

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Your posts were moved as they are not relevant to the Cam v1 firmware issue.

Wyze Community Guidelines


Rich just post on the relevant thread.
This thread is for “V1” cams only.
Posting here just mixes things up.

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You should be able to get an answer on any forum. This is the only site broken up into 30 dofferant categories. I respect all of the people on thos forum. I just dont understand how the original outdoor camera can be so radically different from the V1 camera. I will do my best to keep my questions in the proper forum but when i get a reply, i ASSUME it was from someone in that forum.

Everyone moving forward, if anyone posts about other Wyze cams on this thread other thsn the V1, just ignore them.
That will solve the problem.
We need to keep this thread FOCUSED ON THE V1 CAM ISSUES.

They are completely different cameras. There is almost nothing in common between the indoor and outdoor models.

You can stop following the other thread by choosing “normal” or “muted”.

Oh, and @dougpmaverick , you’re actually posting on Rich’s break-off thread at the moment. :wink:

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This topic is about problems with Cam Outdoor. I moved the posts above from the v1 topic to which you are unknowingly replying. I apologize for the confusion.


This post is in the wrong thread.

The mods have moved a large chunk of posts relating to you from the v1 thread into this thread, so that message is no longer relevant and will be deleted.

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Sorry. Noted.