Pin/passcode and/or Biometric Lock for Wyze App



The app should have the option for a PIN or biometric lock.

Two Factor Authentication (2FA)
Biometric - Touch ID / Face ID for iOS app.
Version 2 keeps logging me out!
Face id to protect app
PIN/Biometric Lock for App
Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

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I’m a little concerned by the lack of votes this is getting. It would be a relatively simple thing to implement and would provide an additional layer of security to the app. Who wouldn’t want this feature? Clicky that vote button up there!


This would be a nice added feature.

They have a lot of work to do regarding app development.


Please add biometric authentication methods for the apps as an alternative to putting in the password. This could be done each time the app is opened for greater security.


Will Wyze ever include the option to protect the app with a PIN or biometric scan? It would be cumbersome to log out of/in to the account every time I use the app and a simple 4-digit PIN or fingerprint would be a great extra step for security.


Seconded. Apps of this nature should have this as a standard to allow quick logins. This is available on the Arlo app which I use for 2 other cameras.

Any response here?


I agree, a PIN/biometric function should be a standard feature.


Here’s a possible workaround to lock down the Wyze app on iOS. It’s somewhat clumsy, but perhaps better than nothing until when/if this feature request gets implemented.


Some third party apps can do this, for some people, you don’t even need an app as their phone can encrypt apps, my phone can do this and I already used it to encrypt wyze.