Pet/Animal Detection

Pet (Animal) detection should currently be a selectable option under Account tab > Services > Cam Plus > [specific camera]

Thank you for sharing that. I found it deselected; however, we do not have pets at most locations. We have wild animals. We want notifications to differentiate detection of motion between animals vs. basic motion. If Wyze expects this feature to be used for wild animals, then the label should be changed to the general word “animal”.

I just want to protect my garden and fruit trees from deer and other animals. I can set up an “if this then that” series of events to scare them away.

All animals are ‘pets’ to the AI at this point (pets = not human).

I notice this is the first time you posted, and 3 months since any response here. Welcome to the user-to-user forum! What is the specific issue you are looking for a resolution for? :slight_smile: