Outdoor rated Wyze Sense

Any plans for waterproof V2 sensors?

I would like to see an addition to the Wyze Outdoor Camera. I would like a wireless outdoor Motion sensor to extend the motion detection range of a Wyze Cam Outdoor. Currently the camera view range is considerably further than its ability to detect motion even at 100%. A separate wireless motion sensor that is bound to a camera could be placed in a hidden location at the farthest edge of the camera view.

There is an option on the motion sensor configuration to trigger recording. You could also do some of it with rules, but they don’t trigger for CamPlus, unlimited recording time.

Outdoor Sensor - Sensor linked to Alarm Hub

Create an outdoor sensor that works with the Wyze hub to place outside on sheds, or fences to alert when the doors are opened. This would be used similar to the indoor sensors but for outdoor areas in all weather types.

Would be great but of course but they know this and dragging their feet. Many users have ended up using them outside with 3D printed enclosures. After mine kept struggling to maintain signal I ended up using one from the other company (starts with an R) and it’s designed for outside. A bit big but I now know when the front gate is opened/closed. I wish they made a smaller one to add to the outside of my mailbox.

You may want to look into if you already have some R products.

Please add driveway motion detectors or outside motion detectors… being able to put them at fence openings, diveway entrance property barriers so when tripped all outside cams start recording. Alert to your phone is sent. Most out have a alert box which is nice but id like to link it to n phone as well!! We need more exterior security features for us who have small houses and most of our toys sit outside.

I agree with the need for outdoors motion sensors. Since I already have several non-WiFi sensors installed, I could use WiFi connected transponders that could use open / closed inputs to trigger Wifi to activate cameras and send notices. Like a door or window sensor that would use an external switch trigger instead of a magnet trigger.

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The one you’re wanting is (I found it last year) from the “other company”. They have an actual outdoor sensor. Has survived 2 big nyc snow storms without a hitch.

Got tired of spending money on enclosures to get the Wyze sensor to work outside. Yes they should have already produced one but haven’t (WHY??), so I had to look elsewhere.

So worth the price. Now I know for sure when the front gate is opened. And once the Wyze sensor on the back gate goes, guess what I’m getting as a replacement. Yup😋

Take a look at YoLink/YoSmart. They have outdoor motion and contact sensors with long range connection (1/4 mile per advertisements.) I have some 300ft away from my house in my shop and the work great. They can also be configured to turn on lights and plugs without an internet connection.

Sounds like what I need. Am also in NY near Canada. Can you give me a link to one you like?

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@WildBill is Home Assitant integration for real or mostly maybe, someday? Home Assistant integration for Yolink

I have this one plus one indoor. Just remember it requires a new hub, too.

Haven’t seen anything to actually do HA integration. I’m reasonably certain it does IFTTT but that still requires internet. They have the ability to link things without an internet connection so you have local functions.

Had to look this up:

  • YoLink Control is YoLink’s unique device-to-device communication feature, which allows for device interaction without reliance on the Hub or an internet connection
  • Easily control compatible devices in your home, using YoLink Control without the need for the Hub or an internet connection
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We’re still asking for this

Waterproof Entry Sensor

A waterproof (and discreet) entry sensor for use on things such as outdoor fences would be useful in detecting if someone has entered your yard. This could be used to trigger outdoor Wyze lighting via rules.

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I voted for this wish, but in the interim I purchased this and it works well. you can get them in White or Black. I got it in black to make less obvious.


I bought several of Drew’s products for the V1 sensors and they work great. He’s also very helpful. Haven’t gotten anything for the V2 sensors since I’m mostly interested in an outdoor motion sensor and he doesn’t seem to have any solution for that.

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Yea, it would be nice to have a mount for the v2 motion, still waiting though.

His stuff has been great for my use.

Have you looked at Ring? They have a real outdoor contact sensor. It’s a dark grey but I painted it black to blend with the front gate. Worked flawlessly even through last NYC winter. Runs on regular AA batteries.

Got on Amazon its about $50

No, I’ve started using YoLink products. They have a range of about 1/4 mile. I bought this one: