HMS Sense Hub Firmware Beta Test 10/11/2021

I like these off topic discussions. I use the Wyze GitHub by Josh. This is the Link: GitHub - JoshuaMulliken/ha-wyzeapi: Home Assistant Integration for Wyze devices.

However, there were issues which required him to remove the Sensors for now. They are supposed to be working on something to allow them to come back, but who knows. It was great while it lasted.

Thought about using Alexa, but not to the extent you are. May need to look into it later. My need was more of a Dashboard - gotta keep it simple and functional for Wife and Grandkids. :slight_smile:

We currently use the Wyze app to control the devices for now.

Well I think whatever issues were going on are now resolved. My sensors are now all working and faster than before. Probably was some backend issue just causing a delay/hold up.

Also yeah that’s what I’m using currently but not messed with it to much. Sad the sensors are a bit of a dud right now but kind of expected when it’s not open and they are just doing whatever they can to make functionality work.

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