Having trouble with RTSP firmware


For the static IP question, why don’t you choose the Reserve IP option in your router that is providing DHCP on your network?


On a second look at my cable modem/router I did find a section called DHCP reservation and have set it there. Thanks!


Has anyone had any luck with PTZ controls on a Pan Cam?

Is that even a thing with RTSP and not ONVIF?


Wanted to update and also state that through Synology I can see lag spikes in motion. I walked up, waved at the camera, then walked back and looked at the video. It had me jumping around and my wave lagged twice. I did look at the same motion alert in the Wyze app and the motion there is smooth and lag free. So, it is certainly working, but has some optimization still to do!

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I am seeing the same thing with my 418j. The in app video is ok but the synology surveillance video is heavily pixelated and stalls/jumps with any level of motion. See attached. Any help would be appreciated


Pixilation to my knowledge can be introduced due to bandwidth limitation. Can you reduce the video size in the application to allow for lower datarate? It just looks like its being constrained somewhere…


I tried SD versus HD and it helped a little. The bigger impact was when I changed which in-home wifi network I was on - it made a significant difference. Much happier with the quality of the feed but still not as good as the in-app. Will keep trying to optimize; performance in my case appears to be directly related to my wifi network and not the RTSP firmware.

Note to self - spend the money on better wifi routers in the future!


Yup. Kind of laggy. Reverted to the previous firmware


I have tried several times to download the RSTP firmware (Wyze PAN) but the file refuses to open/unzip!?
Any suggestions, please?


While some archivers reported the .RAR as invalid on the Mac platform, I was able to extract the contents using WinZip for Windows.


Hi! Thanks for your response.
I am using WinZip on Win 10 and it won’t open the file.